Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Settling into our new home!

Oh my goodness, moving house is not for sissies!!  What a huge mission.  We moved two weekends ago, with the help of a huge moving van, and 3 family members with bakkies.  The next weekend we continued moving with the help of another family member with a minivan!

Can't believe how much stuff we have.  And how much junk we have, haha!  We hired a mini-skip and filled it to the brim with things to chuck away.  I donated boxes and bags of things to charity.  It was good to do a bit of a clean-up!

We're settling into our new home - but there's still lots to do.  Lots to unpack, and I can't wait to hang all my paintings, ornaments and decor - those are the things that will make this space feel more like mine.

The kids and the dogs have adjusted well!  Mia loves the fact that the bedrooms are not so far away from the kitchen anymore - so she plays happily in her room.

Not finished unpacking yet - and I hate that there are still boxes standing around...  hopefully will finish everything this weekend.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Ella's Bunny Party

My baby girl is two!

The party was wonderful.  Everything looked so nice, I enjoyed all the diy goodies, and most of all - the birthday girl had an absolute blast!

Having a real-life bunny there was the main attraction and a great hit, so glad we could do that.  Ella adored the bunny, and all the little friends that came to the party loved being able to sit in the playpen with the bunny.

I made the cake, and with skoonma's help we got it looking like a bunny...  However, I'll keep my day job - making a bunny cake was way harder than I thought it would be!!

All in all, a lot of fun was had - but I'm relieved that it's done and dusted.

Now I just can't get over the fact that I have a two-year-old in the house!