Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mia's teeth were done in theatre

What a brave super-star Mia was yesterday!

A couple of months ago, her dentist recommended that we see an oral surgeon for an opinion regarding her "frenum" - which is the bit of skin/muscle/gum which causes the gap between her two front teeth.  A few weeks ago we went to see the oral surgeon, and I was hoping that surgery wouldn't be necessary, or if indeed, that we could postpone surgery - but he explained that something like this can affect the growth of her permanent teeth, causing space problems for her teeth and even affecting jaw growth.  He explained that it's such a small, quick procedure, that he would much rather recommend we do it now, than have a whole lot of issues once her permanent teeth come through.

So we decided to go ahead with it and booked the theatre date, which was yesterday.  Her dentist and the oral surgeon collaborated, so that her dentist could do a couple of fillings at the same time as the labial frenectomy procedure.

I didn't tell Mia about this, until Sunday evening.  I explained to her that the dentist needs to fix something in her mouth, so that her big teeth can grow properly.  I didn't call it an "operation".  I also explained to her she's not going to hospital, it's a "day clinic", she won't have to sleep there for a night.  This definitely gave her some reassurance, and she made sure to correct any family member that phoned to wish her luck in hospital, that she's going to a day clinic!  I also made sure she understood that I will be there all the time, waiting for her.

We had to be there at 6h30 in the morning, thankfully she was first on the theatre list.  I packed a little bag with her favourite dudu toy, Piglet, a.k.a Bubu, her tablet, a book for me to read to her, and a present from Ella that I wrapped up for her and presented to her when she was settled on her bed.  She just loved getting a prezzie and it definitely took her mind off the upcoming procedure.

They came to wheel her bed to theatre - I started saying goodbye to her, but her dentist said I can come along into theatre and stay with her until she's asleep.  Ah I was so relieved about that!

First time ever that I donned scrubs.  And covers over my hair and shoes.  I asked Mia do I look fancy like a doctor, she said no, I look like a gardener!  Hahaha.

The anaesthetist was ready and waiting for her.  She put the mask over her mouth and nose and told her to take ten deep breaths.  I held her hand and kept smiling at her.  She got to four breaths and she was fast asleep!  Felt quite a lump in my throat as I left her there, my darling person.

Just after that Wyn arrived to wait with me.  (He had waited at home with Ella until our nanny Sonja came in.)  Two coffees and an hour and a half later, Mia was wheeled back into the room, fast asleep.  Aw she looked so fragile and precious.  They said we can let her sleep a little bit longer.  When she woke and looked at me, first thing she asked for was her daddy.  Bless!

She felt a bit dizzy for a while, but sat up and had a few sips of juice and a few bites to eat.  We were discharged at 10h30.

We got home and I settled her on the couch to relax and watch a movie.  She ate jelly and custard, and by the end of the movie she was getting up and starting to play with her toys and move around.  She ate bread and apple for lunch, and I put her on her bed, read a story, and told her to sleep.  20 minutes later she called me and said that was a nice sleep, she's finished now.  Hahaha!

The rest of the day she was completely herself, feeling fine, wanting to jump on the trampoline and run on the golfcourse, not understanding when I tell her no!

She's back at school today already.  What a champ!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What I know for sure...

I've been collecting a few thoughts over the last few months, that I wanted to document and share here...

Being a mom of two girls, what I know for sure is...

♥ My heart now lives and breathes as two separate hearts outside of my body.

♥ Sleep sure is precious.

♥ Time flies, like, seriously, time just goes by way too fast!

♥ As much as I try and savour the little moments, they pass in the blink of an eye.

♥ It's such a rollercoaster ride - emotions going from feeling so much love to so much agitation in the short space of a minute.

♥ Messy play is fun.  Don't think about the mess.  Just play.

♥ Just sitting on the couch, holding them close to me, breathing them in... it's a glimpse of heaven!

♥ Kids don't always want to eat the food you cook for them. Give them a banana.

♥ Supper prep is difficult with an almost-two-year-old on your hip.  Bribing with Cheese Curls works.

♥ A coffee by myself is pure bliss.

♥ Listening to them sleep.  It's a glimpse of heaven.

♥ A trip to the grocery store by myself - bliss.

♥ Colouring in with my girlies is the best thing ever.

♥ Tea parties also.  Don't mind the mess.

♥ Give them sand and water to play with - you'll have a couple of minutes to yourself - like, at least 5 minutes!

♥ They don't always sleep when and where you want them to sleep.

♥ They learn the bad words first. Trying to teach a 20-month old to change "oh shit" to "oh shucks" isn't easy...

♥ Oh but when they put their arms around your neck and press their little faces close to yours... a glimpse of heaven for sure...

♥ Chocolate is wonderful

♥ Wine also. For me, not for them!

♥ My heart skips a beat in moments when I see their long legs, their long fingers, the knowing look in their eyes, and I wonder, "when did you get this big?"

♥ They just love to play with your cellphone

♥ Hearing the words "Mama" makes everything right in the world

♥ Kids love unexpected surprises, like a surprise "yes" to a question that usually gets a "not today, sweetie" answer - I really like surprising them like this!  Off we go to the dairy farm, or for an icecream, or to bake cupcakes, or to play in the mud.

♥ Morning snuggles are wonderful

♥ Seeing them bond with their daddy, their grandparents, their aunts and uncles and cousins makes my heart so happy

♥ All the parenting books, websites and experts don't necessarily know what's best for you. Just do what feels right. Go with your heart.

♥ They love it when you stop what you're doing, put down what you're busy with, and give them your full attention

♥ Playdough is fun!

♥ Being silly and laughing together is fun!

♥ Celebrating special events and having family traditions is awesome

♥ It's not all moonshine and roses and people don't like to talk about those moments when it's thorny and dark

♥ It's all just phases and stages and just as you've mastered the stage they move into the next phase...

♥ Being a mom is wonderful, difficult, overwhelming, special, heartbreaking, challenging, pure bliss and frustrating all at the same time.

♥ I wouldn't have it any other way. This is me.  They're mine.


Thursday, January 14, 2016

A photo update

Ah I've really neglected my blog - there just isn't enough time in a day!

I thought to do a little photo update of our last couple of weeks, as a summary.

Smooches for littlest

Girlies with their cousin, baby Luca!

Tea parties are just the best thing ever!

Family piccie at Christmas time ♥

I got a new tattoo!  Totally love it.  Wyn got the same one, on his shoulder.

I took Mia on a special outing, we went to watch Swan Lake on Ice.  It was fabulous!

This sweet face

First day of Grade R went great! Yay!

I'll try to blog more regularly, but the best way to keep up to date with what I'm up to and what the girlies are doing, is to follow me on Instagram!  jessv_83


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

First day of Grade R!

After weeks and weeks of talking about "big school", preparing her, being excited with her - the day finally arrived.  Mia Mooi has gone to Grade R.

She was so very very brave!  Oh that little face, she looked so lost and unsure, but put on a wobbly smile and hugged and kissed me goodbye.  I held my pose until I got into the car and then dissolved into tears!

Oh how I pray her heart is content.  I hope the teachers and children are nice to her.  I hope she feels peaceful and happy.  I hope she makes special friends. I hope she loves school!

Can't wait to go fetch her and hear all about it.