Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"Liefling" show at the State Theatre

The inlaws have been visiting for a few days, and they got us tickets to go see Liefling at the State Theatre.  I'm really a huge fan of Bobby van Jaarsveld's music, and although I haven't seen the Liefling movie yet, I knew I would enjoy this show.

But wow, I didn't know just how much I would enjoy it!  I laughed out loud, and I cried at how beautiful it was, it really moved me!

Before the show we enjoyed a glass of vino, and took some piccies.

After the show, we waited for a while to see if we could get Bobby's autograph.  A few of the other actors came out and signed our programme, and they said that Bobby slipped out the back - we wouldn't get to see him.  Aaaaaw!
Walking through the parking lot back to our car - we were talking about being disappointed in not seeing Bobby, and the woman walking behind us suddenly said, "Sorry you couldn't see Bobby, but here's his mom!"  What a friendly lady!  Next thing she takes her phone out and phones him for us - he didn't answer, so we chatted to her for a while.  After a few minutes, her phone rang, Bobby was phoning her back!  She said hi to him and said she met some fans that were really keen to chat to him - then gave the phone to skoonma to say hi, and then she passed it to me!  YAY!!!
I told him that I really enjoyed the show, and bought the CD.
I then told him that I recently saw him at the gym, and was looking at him so much that I exercised my calves until they cramped!  Hahahaha, I wouldn't have been able to say that to him face to face!

What fun.  Really loved it.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chocolate Nutella Fudge with Sea Salt!

Oh my word.  Have you ever heard of anything more delicious in your life?  Chocolate. Nutella. Fudge. With Sea Salt!!

Have you ever seen anything more delicious-looking in your life?

(pic from Pinterest)

I made this on Thursday and took it with to my folks on the weekend - it didn't last very long, needless to say!  I loved it so much, and couldn't stop thinking about it, that I made it again yesterday.  Oops, a whole batch for myself!  It's really sweet, so actually can't eat a lot in one go... But I did manage to eat until I got a headache, LOL!

Highly, highly recommended.

Find the recipe here!

Enjoy! ;-)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Fathersday Weekend

Wyn is in Kuwait for a week, and he had to leave on Friday - getting back this Friday night only.  So we celebrated our own lil Fathersday on Thursday night, with a special dinner and pudding, and gave Wyn his prezzies.

Then Mia and I were off to my folks in Pietersburg for the weekend.  My sis, bro, and my bro's girlfriend were there too, so it was nice to spend time with everyone.

Mia absolutely loved my sister's iPad, I was amazed at how she just knew how to work the touch screen!  She had some fun doing some puzzle and colouring apps that my sis downloaded for her.

We had a yummy sushi lunch at Cape Town Fish Market, mmm.

On Sunday morning we all gathered in my parents room and gave my Dad his prezzies.  Check Mia guzzling her tea bottle in bed!

Mia and I slept together both nights - the first night I didn't sleep very well - I was so aware of this lil person next to me, and she flopped her arm on my face a few times! Also, Wyn was still traveling and only arrived at his hotel after 2am, and I was waiting for his message the whole time to let me know he had arrived safely.  Saturday night I was so exhausted, we slept so well, until almost 8am! Heavenly.
We came back home on Sunday afternoon - I was too scared that the road would be too busy with today being a public holiday!
The house is super quiet without Wyn here in the evenings.  Last night I was already in bed with my book at 8pm! Can't wait for him to get back on Friday.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Our beautiful table!

Wyn made us a table.  I am soooooo proud of him!  I absolutely love the table, it's just right, and sturdy, and gorgeous, and so well made!

I must admit that I was very sceptical - when we started looking around for tables, and saw how expensive the ones were that we liked, and Wyn said he will rather make us our own one.  I know time is an issue, and honestly, I didn't know if he COULD make a table - and even when he measured and designed the table on the computer, I was still unsure.  Until the wood was delivered and in our garage - then I realised, wow, this dude is serious! ;-)

The actual assembling of the table took him about 4 days.  But then the sanding down took ages, as he would just do some now and then.  Eventually it was smooth enough to his satisfaction, and this weekend I helped him stain it, to protect and weatherproof it.  Glad I can say that I helped too!

Next up are two long benches that will go on either side of the table.  I'll wait til spring before I start nagging him about them though - the garage is freezing cold in winter, will be so horrible to have to spend hours working in there!

Super proud of my hubby, I LOVE this table, and love to think that one day we'll pass it on to our kids, they can pass it on to their kids, etc. :-)


Sunday, June 9, 2013

"What would you like to do?"

At bedtime tonight, I said to Mia, that tomorrow is our day together the whole day - what would she like to do?

This is her list:

 - Painting
 - Have a tea party, with tea and milk
 - Eat some Rolo's
 - Jump on "jumpoline" (her word for her trampoline)
 - Go for some walks
 - Play with new pink play-dough we made

Demanding, much?  Too cute!!!
I can't wait.  What a fun day we're going to have.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Of playdates, pirates, walks and moon-sand!

Mia's had a fun, eventful couple of days. ♥

Our weekend started off with a playdate on Friday afternoon, with two friends from Moms & Tots - neither Ruby or Zara go to Tots class anymore, but they're still the cutest three lil musketeers, and we haven't bonded with any other new Tots friends.  I think these three will be friends for life!

On Saturday we went to a special little girl's fourth birthday party, and the theme was Pink Pirates.  What an amazing party!  So much attention to detail.  Each little guest got a pirate outfit to wear, complete with swords, hats, eye patches and telescopes, and a loot bag.  They did treasure hunts and found jewellery!  They got temporary tattoo's!  They ate fish & chips out of adorable little paper boats with their names on, and they could dish up sweeties from a beautiful delicious sweetie buffet table.
Mia loved the pirate outfit so much, that she wore it yesterday and today already as well.  "I want to be a pirate!"

This morning we went for a little stroll out on the golf course, Mia on her plastic bike, Nala on the leash.  Fresh air and exercise for all of us! ;-)
Then, for some fun, we did messy play: We made moon-sand!  Check out this post for the recipe - we did the flour and oil one again, really a divine texture.