Thursday, February 4, 2016

We've bought a house!

A house of our very own.  How exciting!!  Contracts have been signed, transfer fees have been paid, and now we wait.  The people we are buying from are busy building a house, and they asked to have until April before moving out - so I'm hoping that we're in by the end of April!

We've been super blessed to live in this house for 6 years, so lucky to have been able to make this arrangement with my grandfather, paying him rent, and I'm sure going to miss it.  Two babies and lots and lots of memories here!  But it's time for this next phase of our lives, and I can't wait.

When we started house-hunting, we made a "wishlist" of our requirements, including must-have's and nice-to-have's. We used Private Property, and spent many hours online looking at houses, noting ones that looked good.  Then we saw one, just five minutes from where we live now, that ticked nearly all our boxes!  We were so excited we phoned the estate agent immediately and set up an appointment to view the house.

We loved it, spent a night chatting about it, and put an offer in the very next day.  That weekend we went and looked at 3 more houses - but all of these just reinforced our love of the first home.  It yelled "hello" to us from the website and even more so when we saw it in person.  Both Wyn and I completely agreed. It's just meant to be!

I'm having lots of fun looking up ideas on Pinterest, for home decor, garden ideas, and revamping my skincare centre.  However, I know these things are going to take time, because paying this monthly mortgage is going to mean that we're going to have to budget very carefully.

Exciting times ahead.
Roll on April!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ella in a big-girl bed!

This milestone was more heartbreaking than I ever thought it would be!  Sleeping in a big bed makes my baby more like a "big girl" than a baby...  but the time was right to move her, she loves it, doesn't get up and off the bed like I thought she would.

Sweetheart. Hope you have sweetest dreams sleeping in your big-girl bed my darling!