Thursday, January 30, 2014

Two awesome mommy-blogger posts

These two links to fantastic mommy blogger Scary Mommy's blog were posted on Facebook by friends this week.  They both struck such a chord, as I'm in the middle of experiencing both of these!

The Terrible Threes - this is a list of ten reasons why age three is more terrible than age two. 

Thank goodness Mia isn't much of a temper tantrum thrower, *touch wood*, but oh gosh, I really had to laugh at the fact that at 2, they're still in nappies, and at 3, the world revolves around their bladders and bowels. Too funny. Also dictating the grocery food list - it happens often that while unpacking at the counter, I come across items I did not pack into the trolley! 

The two that I identified with most, was how they insist to choose their own clothes - although thankfully Mia doesn't look like a "pint-sized mental institution inhabitant", LOL, she prefers to look like a princess every day, in a dress and fancy shoes!  The other one is how, a year ago, I would do things for her, saving lots of time, whereas now, she insists on doing things herself, and everything just takes soooooo much longer that way.  Mostly I'm quite patient, but have my moments of losing it. ;-)

Differences between first and second pregnancy
Oh how I enjoyed this list, I identified with every single one of these differences, so glad to see it's quite normal to be this way!

Literally, after the last scan, it was a week later that I found the photo the doctor had printed out for me, and I remembered to show it to Wyn!
Ditto @ the BabyCentre emails, I subscribed to them again, and just check how many weeks pregnant I am, and then delete the email. ;-)
Hmm, have been quite good with taking bump piccies, but definitely not as much as first pregnancy!
I giggled at the nursery preparation one - during Mia's pregnancy I also went craft crazy and DIY crazy.  I do have a plan for a canvas painting for Ella's room, that's something at least!


* * Edit:
I wanted to add this one as well, that my friend Debs mentioned now.
It's a post called Before you were "mommy" - and it's such a beautiful reminder that we all need sometimes.  "Remember the two that made the family.  You are a team. Every single day."  Love love love this!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

This and that and everything!

I feel like doing a rambling update today. Life has been busy. Hmm, where to start?

Domestic worker issues:
Ever since our domestic worker of 6 years, Celia, became ill last year September, her daughter has been working for us.  She's very sweet, but she's just not cut out for this kind of work, never having done any domestic work before, and although she has her own children, I wasn't happy with her way of looking after Mia - sitting on the couch in front of the tv, even after I gave her a list of activity ideas.  I've known for a while, that it just can't carry on this way, the house gets cleaned on the surface, but gosh, look a bit deeper and there are cobwebs and dust all over. I'm also not convinced how well she will look after baby Ella, if she's not keen on stimulating a 3-year old, then she'll have a whale of a time with a small baby who does nothing!

Last week I decided I need to cut the ties, so gave her a letter giving her one week's notice stating that her temporary contract will not be renewed.  I feel sorry for her, I know financially it's going to be a struggle for her family now, and I hope she can find another job soon.  She's already very attached to Mia, and Mia is comfortable with her and likes her, so I do feel heartsore, but it needed to be done.  She finishes off tomorrow.

I asked a few of my clients if they knew of anybody looking for work.  Someone immediately gave a referral of a lady that I met with, and although she was wonderful and I was very excited about her - her current salary is very high, we just couldn't match it.  Then on Monday another client sent another referral, a lady looking for full-time work, very friendly, lots of experience, well-spoken, good reputation.  She's starting on Monday, and we'll do a trial month for the duration of February.  I really hope she's the one!!  I'm quite excited about having someone here 5 days a week, just to keep the house in order, I really feel so jaded when it gets untidy - and a big reason - I will be able to accommodate clients through-out the week and not be limited to the days that someone can look after the kids.  Hopefully this works out, it's really not nice to dismiss somebody!

My hubby:
Wyn is on a mission to cultivate some hobbies.  He's bought a motorbike!  I'm not a big fan of motorbikes, but he's been speaking about wanting one for a long time, and not sure what triggered the action, but he's gone ahead with his plan, and will get his bike towards the end of April.  Oh well, if it makes him happy...
Also, he bought a beer-brewing starter kit, he's going to make his own beer! I can only laugh and shake my head...
He's only in his early-thirties, what on earth is he going to do when he hits his mid-life crisis?!
But apart from his boys-and-their-toys shenanigans, he really makes me so happy.  He's my best friend, the love of my life. He makes me double over with laughter every day. We have such a good, solid relationship, I feel very blessed and content.

Mia Mooi:
Third week of school, and Mia's settling in nicely.  She loves her teacher, and when I drop her off in the mornings she runs ahead of me to get to class.  When I fetch her, she shows me her artwork, or shows me what she's playing with, and she says, "I had a nice day today!", which makes my heart so happy!
She's such a sensitive little girly girl, very tuned into my mood and reactions.  She loves hugs and cuddles just as much as I do.  She's such a helper girl, dragging her chair everywhere I am so that she can help me with supper preparation.
Getting super independent too, wanting to do so many things herself.
She's beautiful, wonderful and clever, I continue to be in awe of her every day.

Ella Jill:
Pregnancy is going well - but way too fast for my liking, goodness! I'm 27 weeks already.
I'm loving the preggy bump so much, which is really growing lots now - will do a piccie again soon.  I had a few days of feeling a bit anxious as I wasn't feeling her kick as much as I'd been used to, but she's obviously lying inwards or something, as every now and then she does make her presence known with some kicks and pokes.
I need to sort out my to-do and shopping list...
Her room is coming along nicely, only big things we need are the curtains that mom-in-law is making, and then a new mattress and bedding for the cot.

My business:
My skincare centre has been quite quiet - but January usually is a quiet month, people don't have money for salon treatments, and they're so busy getting back into normal routine.  I'll think of a nice special to run for February to get more feet in again.
I like that I'm not TOO busy - it's nice to be flexible, to be able to go to town, to just spend time with Mia, or just read a book.  But - no clients means no money, and that's no fun either.  So hoping to find a nice happy medium soon and not be too quiet at work.  Also hoping that the new kids and baby range of AcornKids products can boost my business a bit.

Me in general:
Been procrastinating way too much lately. Been eating too many choccies too. Oops.
But - I'm happy and content. ;-)


Friday, January 24, 2014

Mia's first visit to the hairdresser

Yesterday I took Mia to the hairdresser for a trim.  It was her first haircut!  She has been to the hairdresser previously when I had my hair done and with Wyn as well, so she had a good idea of what the set-up looked like.

She said it's fine to have a haircut, as long as they use cold water, and as long as she still has long hair. ;-)

She was so good!!  Lay back nicely by the basin for the wash, and luckily no water got in her ears or eyes.  Happy Mia and happy mommy!

The cutting part went well, and the hairdresser gave us a lock of her hair to keep.  It is, after all, baby hair that was on those ends!

The drying part was the only part she got a bit unhappy, said it was too hot, luckily the hairdresser adjusted it and then Mia was happy.

She sat so still and such a serious look on her face, looking at herself in the mirror, like a real lady.

This mommy's heart just swells with pride! ♥

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

First Week of School

Mia's first three days of school went superb.  She enjoyed it, she hadn't cried once, she went and happily sat at her place. 

The fourth day, Thursday, there were suddenly lots more kids - for some reason lots of them only started on Thursday - and it got a bit overwhelming for her.  She had an upset tummy from nerves, the poor thing!  Friday was the same, upset tummy, and crying when the kids were too loud or got into her space too much. 

The teacher says she's very noise-sensitive... I'm not sure how to handle this, I think it'll just take some time and she'll get used to it.  I just make sure I keep telling her that the kids are loud because they're so happy and excited, and that's just what they do, she mustn't worry or think they're shouting at her, they're just noisy and excited.

It's been supercute to see the pictures she's coloured, and they decorated a gingerbread man.  On Friday she got a certificate congratulating her on her first week. :-)  We made a big deal out of her first week, telling her how proud we are of her, and we went out for a special ice cream to celebrate.

Yesterday went well, she's quite attached to the one specific teacher, Waldet, so as long as she can be with her, she's quite happy. 

This week there will be demonstrations of the extra-mural activities that the school offers, so that Mia can see what each one is about, and choose whether she would like to take part.  There are four all-together, I was thinking she could choose one to start off with, don't want her to be too overwhelmed.  Will wait and see what she prefers, be it Fitgim, HorseWorx, Kiddi-Beat or Palette&Paintbrush. ;-)

I came across this poem online, and it's just heartbreaking:

Here are the piccies of her first week.
The one day she was having so much fun playing, that she wasn't ready to come home yet!  She likes to see what's in her lunchbox every morning.
The pic in her sun-hat is the one the teacher sent on her very first day, to show how happy she is. :-)


Monday, January 20, 2014


I'm super excited - I've placed my opening order of AcornKids products, and am officially an "AcornKids dealer" now!

It's a range of products specifically for children: bath products, bath toys, crafts, books, insect repellents, sunscreen, baby care products etc. 

I can't wait to receive the products and start selling - and trying the products out myself! I know some of them already - got given some of them as gifts when Mia was a baby, the baby wash, baby lotion and massage oils are fantastic.

Have a squiz at their website here.
Comment with your email address if you'd like to receive the full catalogue and pricelist!  I will be able to post all over SA as well.

Here's just a few of their products available:


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Our seaside holiday 2014

We were at the South Coast for the first week of January.  I always enjoy the sea and the beach - but this was the first time that the heat and humidity were a bit too much for me!  Not sure if pregnancy played a roll in that or whether it really was just crazy hot, and the chalet we stayed in didn't have aircon - I found myself thinking of reasons we had to go somewhere in the car, just to enjoy the aircon! ;-)

Both Wyn and I celebrated our birthdays while on holiday - it was super special that we were just the three of us together, really some special quality time. ♥

Mia got stung by bluebottles the one day on the beach, while splashing in the shallow waves with her pappa.  I felt so sorry for her!! Wyn handled it so well, rinsed her in the sea first, then we went to the resort swimming pool for a quick swim to get all the sea sand off, and then a lukewarm bath with Dettol in, gave her some pain meds, and put Burnshield on the sting to soothe it.  Within an hour she was fine, playing, chatting.  She didn't go into the sea for the rest of the holiday though, poor thing.

We were super lucky with beautiful weather - sunshine every single day.  The resort swimming pool is really nice, so we enjoyed a swim every afternoon there, sharing ice creams and cold drinks. :-)

We ate at Ramsgate's Waffle House the one day - had to wait an hour to get a table, but it was worth it, those waffles are just super delicious.  On my b'day my choice lunch was prawns and calamari at John Dory's - yum yum!

It was a nice holiday - but it's nice to be back home, no place like one's own bed!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pregnancy Update & Name Reveal!

1.  How far along are you now? 25 weeks today!

2.  When is your due date? 29 April 2014

3.  What has been your preggy high this week? Loving her kicks, and the way Wyn can feel them too.  Awesome to have a scan today and see her again - a fine nose, and long leggies, and beautiful open hands.  Also, today's appointment was with the new gynea, dr Grassie, and she's awesome, I really really like her!  Feeling so much more at peace about the whole situation.

4.  What has been your preggy low this week? Not feeling happy about my weight gain...

5.  What is your current over-riding emotion? Content mostly, and anticipation for this lil body to arrive, and a bit anxious about getting my to-do list in order!

6.  What is on your list of things to do in the next month regarding preparation for baby?  Get authorisation number from medical aid so that I can pre-book my hospital bed and open file at maternity ward.  Order mattress from TreeHouse. Sort through all Mia's baby clothes.

7.  What is your current craving? Loving mango, oh yum!

8.  How are you feeling physically? Fat, LOL.

9.  How are you feeling emotionally? Content.

10.  How is your partner dealing with the pregnancy at this stage? Great. He painted her room, and bought her a beautiful flower night light.  He was disappointed to miss the scan appointment today.

11.  How are you feeling about the pregnancy at this point? It's going by so fast, yet at the same time I can't wait for her to arrive!

12.  How much does baby weigh/measure at the moment? 665g today. So little!

13.  How much weight have you gained to date?  Sore point.  After Xmas, holidays, my brother's wedding...  I've gained 10kgs already.  Very upset about this, and nervous about how much more I'm going to pick up.  Trying hard from this week on to make better choices (I just typed "choccies" instead of "choices" - Freudian slip much?!) And really want to try get back into a regular gym routine to tone these muscles.  Really need to slow this weight gain down now, don't want to gain more than 15kg in total, eeeek!!!

14.  What is the nursery room theme and what have you done for the nursery recently? Hubby painted her room, grey, with a pink stripe through it. (Will share pics soon, just waiting for curtains.)  We bought beautiful material, mom-in-law is going to make the curtains, should get them end of February.  Not a specific theme, want to stick to the grey and pink colour scheme, and then maybe incorporate animals - have got two bunny canvasses for the walls.

15.  What are the latest baby-related items you have bought or got given? Bought a couple of odds and ends for her room - a pink dustbin, a grey laundry basket, a pink mat, storage shelves, some bum creams. A fleece babygro for wintertime.

16.  What are you looking forward to? I must admit, as much as I can't wait to have her in my arms, I do realise I need to savour these last three months of pregnancy.

Bump piccie:

And then, big news, we shared it with family and friends and on Facebook last week - we've decided on her name!

Ella Jill.  :-)

"Ella" is a name both Wyn and I have liked, ever since we were name-searching during Mia's pregnancy.  We made a list of names a while ago, other names on the list included: Ella, Emma, Lily, Abigail, Kylie, Ava, Amy, Lisa and Lize.  After a while we narrowed it down to either Ella or Emma.  And while on holiday at the sea, we decided on Ella Jill.  :-)

Ella means "beautiful fairy", or "goddess".  :-)

Very happy and excited about her name, and it's awesome to talk about her as Ella now.  The family have all reacted very positively to her name, everyone loves it.  Yay!


Monday, January 13, 2014

Mia's First Day of School

Today Mia started at her playgroup, Little Legends.  No tears from either of us! ;-)

For weeks, I have been preparing her by talking to her about school, showing her school things we've bought for her, talking about her teachers.  Even more so during the last week, so that she knew what was coming. 

Gosh, there was quite a list of supplies we had to buy for school, from crayons to puzzles to tissues to toilet paper, black bags, sunscreen, paper and glue - not to mention lunchboxes, backpack and a sunhat.  Luckily the two grannies helped lots with the shopping.

I've had mixed emotions about this day - I've been so used to Mia being home with me for more than 3 years, we're really so attached to each other.  She's definitely ready for school in terms of needing more stimulation than I can offer her at home with learning, activities and friends. It's such a big step - the beginning of her school career until she's 18 and beyond! I'm so proud of her, and I really, really hope she's having a good time!  My little sensitive soul, I hope the teachers and kids are gentle with her...

Last night I got her backpack and supplies all ready:
This morning I packed her lunchbox: marmite sarmies, a vienna and grapes:
I woke her up just after 7am, with a tray of tea, cookies, some flowers from the garden and a card for her.
All ready for school:
At school:

Such a brave lil girl, gave me a special hug and kiss and sat down at her table where her name is, and her little picture where all her things are is a rainbow. Cute!

Wish I could be a fly on the wall.
Hope it continues to be so easy to drop her off each morning!
She's going to go to school every morning Mondays - Fridays, from 8am til 12h30.

I feel quite at a loss, very strange having quiet time at home on my own!  Nala the dog kept running to the garage, looking for Mia, as though I forgot her in the car. ;-)

I'm trying to contain myself, but think I will send her teacher an sms soon and ask how it's going. ;-)

Now I have 3 months of mornings to myself to see clients, go exercise, do shopping, catch up online, etc... And then everything we've done in the last three years starts all over again with a newborn. Wow!


Sunday, January 12, 2014

My brother's wedding ♥

My brother got married yesterday!  I am so happy for him, they make a wonderful couple, they're so in love and so well-suited.

The wedding was at a beautiful venue between Harties and Magaliesberg, Green Leaves.  Everything was done so nicely, beautiful d├ęcor, music, delicious food, happy atmosphere - just perfect and special.

I'll let the piccies tell the rest of the story!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my 31st birthday!

We're on holiday at the south coast, just me, Wyn and Mia and my preggy bump.  It's nice to be on holiday and to all be together, but man alive, it is so hot and humid here, and this chalet doesn't have any aircon - the wooden house is like a sauna.  I got sunburnt on Friday, and 3 days later, my skin is still sensitive and can't stand to be in the sun, oops!

Today we went for a drive to Port Edward and visited a butterfly farm, which was fun.  Then had a yummy seafood lunch.

My day started with Mia singing "Happy Birthday" to me, and opening my presents for me.  Then we had chocolate cake for breakfast! :-)

We're here for two more nights, go back home on Wednesday.  Then it's going to be a busy few days - inlaws coming to stay, my brother's wedding on Saturday, and Mia's starting school on Monday!

Festive season, holiday time and birthday celebrations have been lots of fun, but I must admit that I'm looking forward to normal routine again.

Pregnancy is going really well, really enjoying my bump, and feeling good.

Will do proper holiday update and pics once we're back home.