Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mia's winter holiday wishlist

It's the winter holidays!  Mia's school is closed for two weeks.  Yay for lazy mornings in our pj's!!  Goodness our mornings are always a mad rush of getting dressed, making breakfast and packing school lunchbox amidst keeping baby happy. I really need these two weeks to just go at a slower pace for a few days!

I asked Mia what she wants to do during the holidays.  This is her list:

  • Bake cupcakes
  • Go to the movies
  • Go to the dairy farm
  • Do arts and crafts
  • Paint nails
  • Play make-over with mommy
  • Play hide-and-seek with mommy
  • Stay in our pajamas all day
  • Visit some friends
  • Have a movie night at home in our pajamas
Whoop whoop, sounds great! ♥

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

OneRepublic Concert

What an epic, unbelievable experience!

My sis and I bought these tickets last November, on the very first day that they went on sale.  I've been a huge fan of OneRepublic for many years, since having "Apologize", "Stop and Stare" and "Say" on repeat, and then with their latest album I can't stop listening to "Preacher", "Something I Need", "Counting Stars" and "If I Lose Myself."  Other awesome favourites are "Love Runs Out" and Good Life".  The lyrics just speak to my soul!

The concert was at the Northgate Dome, so my sis and I found quite a good parking spot, and had a nice supper beforehand.  Then we headed off to find our seats - oh my goodness, the palpable excitement of all the people around us set us off on a natural high - what fun!

The pre-show was performed by Gangs of Ballet - also really fantastic and definitely got the crowd super psyched up.

When OneRepublic started their first song, with just their silhouettes showing on the stage, oh my gosh, I just tried to savour the moment, didn't want it to end!


It was such a fun night out.  Special times!

This is me, escaping out the door for my night out. ;-)  Wyn stayed home with the two girlies.

I still can't stop listening to OneRepublic songs in my car and watching their music videos.  Such talent! ♥  Seeing a band live always makes it that much more meaningful to listen to their songs, takes me right back to clapping, screaming and dancing!  Hope they come back to SA again in a few years time.  Would love to take Wyn to see them too!


Friday, June 19, 2015

Pinterest, oh darling Pinterest

Pinterest is my favourite website ever.  It's such a clever concept.  It's like a virtual pinboard, a personalised collection of all your favourite things, ideas, tips, articles, crafts, recipes, pictures, quotes, etc etc.

It also, unfortunately, just adds to my never-ending To Do list!  I have spent many hours procrastinating on Pinterest...

I had such a giggle at this pic recently:

One day I'll get around to my candle-making hobby again...

But for now, Pinterest is a great source of kids activities, party ideas and recipes.  All the organization ideas will have to wait too!

This quote has some serious truth to it:

 I love looking at tattoo ideas on Pinterest, and looking up specific quotes to suit an occasion.   The list of kids activities puts me to shame, I really do want to do more of them.  The birthday tradition ideas have inspired me and I love the traditions I've started with my girlies already.

It's fun planning home decor for a dream house...

Stalk me here:  JessV83  :-)


Friday, June 5, 2015

Of teething babies and pajama days!

Oh these ups and downs that make up the journey of parenthood!

Last week we went to see a paediatric pulmonologist about Mia's constant coughing.  We had to have a blood test done to check allergies, and it was very traumatic, for both Mia and mommy!  I haven't heard back from the doctor yet about her allergies, but she was put on two asthma pumps, and we'll see the doctor again in a month's time.  We've had 5 consecutive nights of no coughing - the best it's been in 3 months!

This little sad face just breaks my heart!

After the doc appointment and traumatic needle experience, I asked Mia what'll make her feel better - she chose cupcakes at the dairy farm!

Last week me, my sister, Mia and Ella went on a road trip to Polokwane to visit my folks!  Wyn was in Germany for 3 days.  It was great to visit Granny and Oupa for a few days, special times.

Mia built a 24-piece puzzle all by herself for the first time.  I couldn't believe it, she took me by surprise!  I thought she was just turning the pieces around and waiting while I changed Ella's nappy, and when I got to her, she was already halfway - so I went to make a cup of coffee, and when I got back, she had built the whole puzzle!  Big girl! ♥

Ella is busy cutting her molars. Gosh, they're taking forever... Sometimes she is a happy smiley chatty baby, like this face here:

But we've had a whole lot of this going on too:
Poor little one!  Often times she just wants to be in mommy's arms.  As much as I can, I do hold her, but gosh, this 11kg body takes it's toll sometimes.  I keep reminding myself how this is the smallest she'll ever be again, this phase will pass soon, and I just try and smooch her all better.

She's not walking yet, but definitely starting to test her balance more and more and just needs to get the self-confidence to actually give her first proper step.  She gives one or two steps between the couch or table to me, then falls into my arms and thinks it's a big game.

Mia's been enjoying school, they recently did numbers 1-10 and she took it very seriously, learning how to recognise and write them.

Ella loves her weekly Moms&Babes class, takes part so nicely and gets so excited when she hears the familiar songs.  I enjoy the hour of being completely focussed on her too!

 Today's freezing, and Mia's school has a Pajama Day - they all went to school in their pj's, and they're going to have Milo, marshmallows and pancakes! Bliss!

My first week back on the weight loss mission went well - I'm down 0.5kg since the 1st of June, yay!  Now to just keep going at this pace!