Thursday, November 15, 2012

My word for 2013

Every year, a group of friends share their “word” for the coming year.  A word that inspires us, that we can strive to, and lets us do some soul-searching of what we want.
In 2010 my word was BLESSED:
This has really been a year of counting my blessings.

I am blessed with my loving, awesome husband
I am blessed with my amazing family
I am blessed with a baby girl growing inside me
I am blessed to live where I live
I am blessed with my friendly, wacky crazy doggy
I am blessed to feel so safe and content
I am blessed to be having such an easy, joyful pregnancy
I am blessed with special friends
For 2011, my word was HOPE.
I hope my marriage always stays as awesome as it is
I hope I will be a good mommy to my baby girl
I hope my baby girl will become a good sleeper
I hope I will see my family lots
I hope things will go well with my business and Wyn's work
I hope I will make more time for myself
I hope I will spend more time with friends
I hope my baby girl will grow beautifully and happily
I hope my family will always be happy
For 2012, I chose the word BELIEVE.
I believe in God, and I need to pray more.
I believe in my marriage, and I need to invest more time into it
I believe in motherhood, and I need to be more patient
I believe in special family quality time
I believe in personal space, me-time and indulging in small luxuries
I believe I will reach my goal weight early in 2012
I believe my business will take off properly
I believe I will be able to save more money in 2012
I believe...
To me, this word symbolises that I must remember what my tattoo says.
“Live, love, laugh”
That's what life comes down to, at the end of it!

I want to just live life to the full, and make the most of it, and make the conscious decision to enjoy it. I must love, love, love with all my heart, and show it! And I want to laugh lots!
I want to laugh at myself, I want to laugh with my child and husband and family and friends, I want to enjoy funny movies, books and stories, and share jokes. I want to seize the moment!

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