Sunday, December 30, 2012

Magical Christmas 2012!

We had a special Christmas with the inlaws in Bethlehem.  Mia loved the Christmas tree, the lights, the presents - it was such a magical atmosphere!

She wasn't very keen on Father Christmas - who sounded like Oupi, but didn't quite look like him!  She loved ripping the wrapping paper off her presents, and she was super spoilt with lots of wonderful prezzies.



  1. Some really special memories have been made for you all. These photos are lovely.
    Loads of love and blessings to you all for the new year, may 2013 hold everything that you wish for. Lots of hugs from Jess and I. xx

  2. Thank you Shazzie! Blessings to you and Jess for the new year too!
    Thanks for reading my blog and for comments, I appreciate!


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