Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Learning to Dance in the Rain

I have been feeling a bit unsettled lately.  Disconcerted.  Anxious.

I am frustrated by my skincare business not making me enough money. 

I have spent way too much time lately looking at real estate websites and dreaming about houses that we cannot afford.

My skin has been suffering breakout after breakout after breakout.

I have wasted R300 worth of ovulation predictor tests – all of them negative - seems that where I wanted to fall pregnant as soon as possible, my body has other ideas.

I hate how I lose 1kg, only to gain 1.4kg the next week.  What a frustrating never-ending journey…

I have been very jaded and lacklustre lately, and I really don’t like this version of myself.

So I have decided to make a conscious effort… to just breathe… relax…

I must be thankful and grateful for what I have, because I know that I am very blessed.

I must keep the faith that things will come right – my business might not make me the bucks I wanted, but wow, I work from home, have lots of time to spend with my daughter, and I’m my own boss.  Our dream home might be outside our reach for the time being, but one day, one day.  My skin will come right again… I will fall pregnant again… I will lose weight again…

For now, I must enjoy the little things.  And count my blessings.  And find the contentment I am usually filled with again.  I must see the world through Mia’s eyes, where a tea party is just the best thing ever!

Some words and quotes that have touched me today:



  1. Such fabulous and inspiring quotes! So sorry you have not been yourself lately, but you are the most positive person I know, so you will be able to dance a jig in the rain. Big hugs, my friend, thinking of you and sending positive vibes and lots of love xx

    1. Thanks Debs, I'm feeling a lot better today, luckily! Hehe, I like that, dance a jig in the rain! Thanks for hugs!

  2. Awww Jess, this isn't the Jess I know. You are always bouncy, positive and although I've never seen you, to me you are always that smiling girl who makes everyone feel happy about life.
    I'm just going to give you a massive HUG. We all feel like this at some stage and it will pass, I know it will.
    Don't put too much pressure on yourself, both about your business and falling pregnant again. Both will happen when the time is right.
    Again, big hugs Jess

    1. Aw thanks for such nice words Helen, so nice to hear how you perceive me - and yes, mostly I am bouncy and positive and smiling!
      Thanks for hugs.


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