Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas crafts, holiday fun, special memories!

We've been very busy making memories!

Mia baked cookies, we used this recipe from Alton Brown. They came out really nicely! Packaged some of them for gifts.

Ella is 8 months old today, and such a happy baby.  Shame, about two weeks ago we went through a very rough phase, she had a virus that caused terrible fever blisters in her mouth, on her tongue and her chin, poor body didn't eat or drink very well for a few days. Luckily she's all better now, the horrible fever blister on her chin has just left a mark, hope it will clear up in time.

She's getting very keen to become mobile, gets quite frustrated at not being able to move to where she wants to go. She adores the walking ring and moves really fast in it, I giggle so much at how her lil leggies go!

She's a precious lil thing, she gets a million kisses a day.

Eating litchis - ultimate summer holiday snack!

Lots of fun putting up our Christmas tree - Mia did most of it herself! Such a special tradition. I loved the way she was so gentle with the ornaments, carefully hanging them, chatting about them, choosing her favourites. So special!

We made clay decorations again, this time using a different recipe from the previous two years - we tried this one this time - it came out quite nicely!

We made Christmas cards - again - Mia did a lot of the work herself! Such a big girl.

Summer fun - hubby thought he'd water the grass, Mia thought she'd get sopping wet!

A fun lunch at a restaurant with my special people. Oh I love my two girls to the moon and back!

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