Friday, January 16, 2015

Two big milestones for my two girlies!

This week had this mommy's heart bursting with love and pride. ♥

Mia wrote her name for the first time.  We've been practising for a while, I would write it out and ask her to trace it and try copy it.  She wasn't super interested or keen each time I tried, so I didn't push it, and would just often point out the letters of her name, until recently she started showing me everywhere she saw an "M" for "Mia".  Then on Tuesday she took the blackboard chalk, and proceeded to write her name. Bless! She was so pleased, even more so at her crazy mommy doing a happy dance!

Last weekend Ella said her first official word, "Pappa". She didn't say it specificially to Wyn, but repeated it a couple of times. So cute! Then, on Monday she started with "Mama-mama-mom!" Oh gosh, isn't it just the most beautiful sound ever! My heart. ♥



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