Friday, March 4, 2016

I'm on a decluttering mission!

Seeing as we're moving house sometime next month, I read a book about decluttering, for some inspiration.  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, but Marie Kondo.

I made notes as I was reading the book, and definitely felt inspired.  There were a few strange concepts included as well, like the way she feels terribly sorry for socks folded up in a ball and rolling around in a drawer bumping into each other, haha.  Also, having to thank items before you get rid of them... errr, don't think so!

There were a few quotes in the book that I really did enjoy, such as these ones:

And then probably the most important quote in the book:

I really like the concept and idea of only surrounding yourself with things that you love.  To "grace your space with things that speak to your heart.  Your lifestyle must bring you joy."

Another paragraph in the book that really resonated with me, was where she says that "tidying ought to be the act of restoring balance among people, their possessions, and the house they live in".

She doesn't make any mention of kids toys in her book though, she probably doesn't have any children, as that's definitely worth a whole chapter on its own!  I really feel that my girlies have way too many toys.  I'm going to do a vicious tidy up (when they're asleep!!) and donate anything that is not age-appropriate, not specially loved by them, duplicates, etc.  I also really want to sort the toys into categories so that all the barbies are together, all the plastic animals together, all the duplo blocks together, instead of the big mish-mash they all are at the moment.

Another idea is to have 3 or 4 crates of toys, which then get rotated on a weekly basis - they don't have to play with all the toys all the time.

Okay, I'm inspired, let's get tidying!!


  1. Good luck! Decluttering is such a mission, one I fail at quite often lol. And the children's toys are another battle I have as well.

  2. I love chucking out old stuff. DH on the other hand is a hoarder so all the stuff he wanted to keep, for whatever strange reason, gets dumped in the garage.
    I have 4 storage boxes under Liam's bed. One for trains, one for train tracks, one for Lego and 1 for cars. I hear you on having too many toys but guaranteed no sooner have you got rid on something they'll remember they have it and want it.
    Good luck, it's always nice to stand back and look at your handy work, how neat and sorted things are. I cleaned the fridge the other day and every time I open it now I feel really chuffed. Yes, I'm odd that way

  3. Oooh good luck with your new mission!
    Nothing like a good clean-up, sort-out and less clutter!

  4. Good luck! I am also on that mission. Next week will be the 11 year old getting rid of I would guess most of her toys apart from Lego


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