Friday, April 22, 2016

It's a zoo at our house!

Two weeks ago we got a Weimaraner puppy.  We've named her Lily, and she is absolutely adorable, beautiful, and naughty as hell!!  Mia's been quite scared of her, because of the way she nips and jumps and has sharp nails, but she's getting used to her more and more each day.  Ella just yells "no!" and bumps her out of the way, haha!

Then this week we got a baby bunny!  She's fluffy and super cute.  We're not going to keep her though - she's staying with us for this week, and then she's going to live with a friend of mine.  The girlies have been fascinated.

All these animals are keeping me super busy, but oh how i'm enjoying the cuddles and snuggles!!


  1. Beautiful animal babies. The Weimers just have the mos beautiful eyes ever

  2. Aww Lily is so beautiful. LOL at Ella shouting. Sounds like she had everything under control :-)
    Have been thinking about you and "The Move"

  3. I'd love to get us a puppy like that! Awww gosh, how cute is Mia lol!


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