Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Quick bit of an update!

Ah my poor lil blog, I'm so sorry you've been so neglected.

My life just takes up so much time, that I don't get any time to actually document any of it, which is a pity, as that was the main aim of keeping a blog...

I do hope to get into a bit of a better time management routine though, and blogging is high on that list of priorities.  But for now...  here's a teeny tiny update in pics:

These two sweethearts.  They drive me crazy, I kiss them a million times a day, they make me want to run away, I love holding them close to me, they make me freak out and yell and stomp about, I love smelling their hair...

We're doing okay.  ;-)


  1. Aw man, look how long their hair is getting. Precious babes. Hope you are doing well and hope you are settling in nicely in the new house

    1. Thanks Helen, yes, isn't both girlies hair just gorgeous! We're settling in really nicely, thanks!

  2. Julle is almal te pragtig vir woorde! <3


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