Monday, September 5, 2016

Random thoughts...

This "new blog post" window has been open for a couple of days.  Sooooo many things I want to share here.  More detailed info about Mia's speech therapy and occupational therapy and all my thoughts on it.  Ella's bad sleeping habits.  All about settling into our new home, our home-improvement diy things we're doing and want to do. My beauty salon business. My never-ending see-saw of a weightloss mission.

But, right now, I really just feel like spitting out a couple of arb, random thoughts!  So here goes...

Tomorrow I'm going to the hairdresser.  It's September.  Time for blonde hair again!

I escaped to the salon this afternoon, telling the nanny and my kids that I have a client.  I didn't have a client.  I did some admin work and I painted my nails purple.

I really like my purple nails.

The Weimeraner puppy drives me insane, more often than not.

I really dislike cooking supper.

But tonight's pasta, bacon and mushroom sauce was pretty yum.

Stop coughing Ella.

It's 21:01, I told my hubby I'll come to bed at nine...

Should I pour another few sips of wine?

What can I add to my business to make more profit...

Oh shit, Mia's party is in two weeks time, I need to get to china mall, craft shop and party shop.

Sure could do with more hours in a day

I'm tired and want to go to bed

I need to find pics to show the hairdresser tomorrow, wonder if I should cut a fringe?

I really want to start running.

Really want to generally start looking after myself a bit better.

Procrastinate less.

Does this count as procrastinating?  No. My blog is important.

This newspaper strewn all over the table irritates the shit out of me.  I'm gonna chuck it in the recycling bin.

I'm really chuffed about the recycling service I found in our area.  Paper, plastic and glass, rinsed, and can be mixed together, the collectors do the sorting themselves.

I wonder how my sister's sore eye is feeling.

Stop coughing Ella...

We planted some seedlings today, hope they survive.

Okay it's 21:07, I gotta go.



  1. Oh I love all this bits and pieces. You know once you have a fringe it is hell to grow out...

    1. Thanks for reading my bits and pieces!
      I cut the fringe, eeeek! ;-)

  2. These randoms are always so interesting. You pick out a lot and it's basically a mini brain dump. Would love to hear more about Mia's speech therapy. Don't cut the fringe. :)

    1. Mini brain dump, I love it, it's necessary sometimes hey!
      I'll definitely do a post on Mia's speech therapy soon.
      I cut the fringe, and a day later it's already clipped back, hahaha, oops!

  3. Wow, what a lot to process. Just goes to show what goes through a Mums mind
    I don't know if it counts, but I'm blonde (natural) and have a fringe???
    Why is Ella coughing, bless her.
    LOL about Lily driving you mad. Marley is also "always there, always behind your knees and always has something in his mouth"
    Should've posted a pic of your purple nails.
    Have a blessed day Jess

    1. Hehe thanks for reading all my thought processes!
      Shame Ella has been coughing for over a week now, ai.

  4. Yes, you should have poured more wine ;)

  5. I just loved this post Jess! :)
    A little late but just doing a little blog catch up today! xx

    1. Ah thanks so much for popping in on my blog Dee, appreciate it so much!!


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