Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Muddy Princess, Santa Shoeboxes and School Concert!

Today I'm going to squeeze like, 4 updates into one blog post!! 
Long, long overdue... But hey, here I am!

Mia Mooi has lost two bottom teeth so far.  First tooth earned her R80 from the "tandmuis" and 2nd tooth got her R30. Of course at this stage she loves lots of coins more than paper money, and this "tandmuis" doesn't want high expectations, haha!

She's had her Grade 1 orientation day and says she's looking forward to it.  Luckily her one special friend, Danika, is in the same class next year.

We did our 4th year of Santa Shoebox project - a charity organisation that lets us pledge a Xmas box to specific children - I do hope that Lucky and Princess love their boxes of special goodies!

It was Ella's first school concert at the end of October.  The theme was "In our garden" and she was the cutest lil fairy ever!!  I was expecting her to want to come sit with us as soon as she saw us, but she surprised us all by staying on the stage - without her dummy and dudu bunny.  

Such a big, special milestone! ♥

We went camping at Klein Paradys two weekends ago.  It was great!  A tidy, green resort, just outside of Brits - luckily not far to travel.  The girlies had a blast swimming, playing, and catching fish!

This Sunday I took part in the Muddy Princess 5km obstacle course fun run!  I entered this event 8 weeks ago, in the hope that it would motivate and inspire me to get fit and healthy...  I'd hoped to try and lose 5kgs in the 8 weeks... Instead I gained about 2kg more, didn't train at all - but still managed this event - it was challenging in places - but super fun, lots of laughs, I loved the teamwork efforts between me and my two teammates, and also generally between all the ladies taking part!  Highly recommended - altho next time I will prepare a lil bit better for this event!


  1. I was just thinking about you all. Good to get an update.
    Yep, kids are so not impressed with paper money. Given them a whole bunch of coins and they are as happy as a .............
    Aw man, still the most gorgeous girlies. Grade 1 already? Really? Can't believe it.

  2. Lovely update.Can't believe Mia has lost 2 teeth already, we're still waiting for a loose tooth lol. And Grade 1?!?! We're in Grade R next year, and Matthew doesn't really know what's in store for him, shame. I love Muddy Princess!! The team work, camaraderie, and just plain fun on the day is amazing. Glad you had fun.

  3. Great update! I love the Muddy Princess idea. And how cute is the concert. All the best for big school - I think it was more of an adjustment for me than my first born. Grade 1 is tough the first time around as a mom

  4. The Muddy Princess sounds like fun. Grade 1 sounds scary...all that serious school work. The girls are still as cute as ever.

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