Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rough Week!

This week began with a visit to the paed.  Mia had a really bad fever, peaking at around 39.9, and the medication I was giving her only brought it down to about 38.4 and then it would peak again.  So stressful!  The paed diagnosed tonsillitis, and prescribed antibiotics.  It's day 3 of the antibiotics today, and finally there's a turning point - her temperature is finally normal again, and she's her normal happy chatty self - although not eating very well yet - but her fluid intake is OK.

Today Wyn had to go for some dental procedures - under general anaesthetic!  He doesn't react well to the local anaesthetic, so the dentist decided to do everything that needed to be done in one go... This included removal of all wisdom teeth and 3 root canals.  Poor man!  He's resting lots, been very nauseous, but ate yoghurt for lunch and I made a yummy chicken soup for dinner, it was a big hit! Yay!

Mia was so sweet, when Wyn was lying down on the couch, she kept kissing him, and packed all her stuffed toys around him. A little nurse!  Nala also knew something was up, and kept trying to lick him.

I'm relieved this week is winding down towards the weekend! No big plans, just going to make sure my two precious patients recover completely.  :-)



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