Friday, August 17, 2012

This week's piccie collage

We went on a roadtrip to the Free State for the long weekend.  We stopped for breakfast along the way.  Mia sat on a horse, and spent time with her cousin.

Mia loves going for walks - and she's not the one in the pram anymore - dolly has to come with every time.  We baked banana bread.

Wyn won an award for one of his projects.  There was a fancy dinner and everything - I felt so proud of him!  It was a nice night out for the two of us.

Yesterday Mia and I shared an iced tea and a slice of cake at Isabella's, a divine little coffee shop nearby.  And we went for a walk and spotted the first signs of spring, yippee!!!  Can't wait for the green buds that are going to be popping out all over the place!  :-)


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