Monday, September 3, 2012

I ♥ Spring Time!

Spring is absolutely my favourite season.  It speaks of new life, rejuvenation, positivity and happy memories.  I love that the weather is neither too cold or too hot.  I love the excitement to get toes painted again to wear open shoes, and the fact that at my next hair appointment, I'll do blonde highlights again.  I love that it means it's a month of celebrations, because it's Mia's birthday, and it's our wedding anniversary.  Good times!

I also love that spring represents a time of decluttering.  Ordering your life.  Your home.  Your space.

My list of decluttering includes:
 - Clean out wardrobe - give clothes that I haven't worn in two seasons to charity
 - Clean out pantry
 - Clean out bathroom cupboards
 - Tidy study
 - Sort out Mia's arts & crafts goodies
 - Tidy salon cupboards
 - Have carpets professionally cleaned
 - Find out about having curtains washed professionally
 - Sort out computer files and folders and tidy them up
 - Budget for the remainder of the year
 - Lots of general tidying and packing right all over the house!

Lots to look forward to this month:
 - This weekend we're having a braai with a few friends over - haven't done this in ages.
 - Next weekend we're going away to the bushveld with my folks.  Blissful!
 - The following week, it's Mia's 2nd birthday, and her birthday party on the Saturday.
 - And the last weekend of the month, it's our 5th wedding anniversary.  The inlaws are coming to stay to look after Mia, and Wyn and I are going away for the weekend.  I'm going to miss Mia like crazy, but really looking forward to our two days to ourselves!
Mia is our sunshine flower child.

Here's to a happy spring!


  1. Yay for spring! But sjoe that sounds like a lot of work!!

    1. Hehe, it does sound like lots of work... Will see how far I get, LOL!!

  2. Wow! That's a looooong list of things to do ....
    Sounds like a great month ahead :-)

    1. It is a bit of a daunting list... Eeek!
      Thanks, really excited about the month ahead!

  3. Hmmm ... I changed my profile pic but strangely its still showing the old one on here. Oh well ...

    1. I think it worked - your profile pic on the second comment is different from the first one!


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