Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Respect!

Cecilia has worked for us since Wyn and I got married - so it's going on 5 years now.  She's used to the way I do things, and I'm used to the way she does things...

Since Mia was about 6 months old, she started working 3 days a week for us, sleeping over on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  This has been working well for us, as I then have Tuesdays - Thursdays to see clients, as well as Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings when Wyn can look after Mia.

Celia is great with Mia, I feel totally at ease leaving Mia with her.  She plays nicely with her, teaches her things, feeds her nicely and puts her to sleep nicely.  Brilliant!

Yesterday morning Celia arrived, looking like she was about to faint.  She complained about her stomach ulcer, and said she'd been vomiting.  I immediately told her she shouldn't have come to work, and took her back to her taxi to rather get herself to the clinic for some medicine and rest.

And that left me with a mountain of housework to do...  And it didn't help that i've come down with a bit of a cold!  I'd been bargaining on getting some extra rest while Celia looked after Mia, meanwhile I got the complete opposite of that spectrum...

It took me 3 hours yesterday morning, to do what Celia normally does in under one hour!  How does she do it!  All the housework, plus a busy toddler needing constant attention and tlc.

Between all this I have to arrange family to look after Mia while I have clients, as I really don't like having to cancel clients...  But it's hard asking such favours, everybody's lives are busy doing their own things.  Yesterday afternoon was a mad rush to get Mia to my aunt, rush back to see my client, and rush back to fetch her again.  Tomorrow morning Mia's great-grandfather is going to look after her.  :-)

I'm pooped!!! I really hope Celia is well enough to come in on Friday to help out with the ironing at least - coz that's where I draw the line!


  1. May Celia never ever get sick again!

    1. Eish, never thought of the consequences of her not being at work for an extended period of time. Eeeek.

  2. I often wonder the same about my Nanny Pam. She is a Godsend and I have no clue what I would do without her. I am already totally stressing about how I'm going to cope with 3 little ones when she goes on leave in December!

  3. You are indeed lucky to have your Celia, I do hope she is feeling better today.
    I have never had anyone to help out in the house and must admit that I have a routine otherwise nothing would get done.
    I do resent doing housework at the weekends but sometimes needs must.
    Loads of hugs. xx


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