Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Birthday Party Menu and Piccies

The menu for my three parties was as follows:

10am tea party:
 - scones with cream, jam, cheese and butter
 - cupcakes 
 - sandwiches with fillings: salmon and cream cheese, egg and mayo, and ham and cheese.
 - champagne and orange juice
 - fruit juice
 - variety of tea:  rooibos, ordinary, vanilla chai and cranberry apple tea.

1pm lunch party:
 - spinach and feta quiche, and ham and cheese quiche
 - broccoli and bacon salad
 - peppermint crisp tart
 - chocolate cake
 - champagne
 - wine
 - juice
 - coffee

4pm cocktail party:
 - snack platters containing chicken nuggets, fish smackaroos, smoked sausages, cheese, dip, samoosas, and cherries wrapped in bacon.  Yum yum.
 - wine
 - fruit juice
 - cocktails on demand - my favourite being 'sex on the beach'!

Here are the pics of the preparation and decor:

And pics of my guests!


  1. I love your party. It looks amazing. How did you manage to get the people out of your house before the next party started?

    1. Thanks so much for popping in to my blog, appreciate it! Will squiz yours now too.

      Luckily on the first two invites, I specified the time, so the first one was 10-12, and then the next one was 1-3. Also, I told most of the girls that I was having 3 parties - it was quite a joke! :-D

  2. I love this!! Tea is my obsession!
    I also LOVE the invitation and decor! Happy 30th again and thanks for visitng my blog

    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

    1. Thanks so much for having a squiz Bailey, I appreciate it so much!
      Thanks for b'day wishes!
      Tea is fabulous, it really really is.


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