Monday, January 14, 2013

Birthday Party Weekend!

I had my 30th birthday celebration this past weekend.  I had THREE parties!!  It was fabulous, I had such fun!

The reason why I decided on having three parties, was that when I made my guest list, there were about 24 people on it - and that's too many people to host in one go at our house - and also, when the group is too big, it gets impersonal and I can't really chat to everybody.  And I wanted to specifically have the party at home and do the food myself, and not at a venue.

Therefore - I had a morning tea party at 10am, a lunch party at 1pm, and a cocktail party at 4pm!
It worked out so well.  My inlaws came for the weekend, and they love these kind of things, parties, catering, people, etc!

I'll share more about my menu and some pics in the next post. :-)

My sister designed my invite, I think she's very clever!


  1. Jou verjaarsdag lyk na great fun!

    Myne is om die draai en ek moet nog besluit wat ek wil done.

    1. Dankie Chantal! Dit was regtig heerlik!
      Oooh jy moet verseker iets doen om te vier!


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