Friday, March 1, 2013

Low-carb eating, Market Day, and March plans!

On Monday I started following a low-carb eating plan.  I'm still on the Weight Watchers program, have about 4 weeks left that I paid for, but then I won't go back though.  The concept is a brilliant one, but the meetings are a schlep to get to, 5pm in our house is supper-prep time!

The low-carb eating guidelines are that I'm basically trying to avoid white carbs, processed foods, and added sugar.  Been having scrambled egg for brekkie, tuna salad for lunch, nuts and biltong for snacks - going really well so far, granted it's only day 5!  I've allowed myself small portions of brown rice or wholewheat pasta at dinner time, but really small.  And had oats for breakfast one morning, without my usual milk and sugar, only a small dash of honey!

On Sunday there's a Market Day on at the clubhouse at the estate where we live.  I decided to buy a stall for my business - this really is my target market, and I do need some new clients.  I must still decide what special offer I must run for the day, something really irresistible so that people will book an appointment straight away!  Vitaderm has been really awesome with their support, and have given brochures and samples to hand out, and pretty banners to put up.  I'm quite excited about this!  Hope it's successful.

March is turning out to be my roadtrip month!
Next week Mia and I are going to go visit my parents in Pietersburg for a few days.  Looking forward to some quality time!
Then the weekend after that we're going on a mini-break to the coast.  It's far to drive for just 3 nights...  But I really really want to do this!  My soul is yearning for the sea.  And I can't wait to take Mia to uShaka!
The weekend after that I'm going on a girls weekend away with some girlfriends - just for a Saturday night.  We're going to Magaliesburg, so nice and close.  I've already had a dream about this getaway - all I packed was a bottle of red wine and a packet of NikNaks.  Sounds perfect, hehe!

Let me go make my low-carb meatballs and mashed sweet potato lunch!


  1. Exciting week, Jess! No sommer an exciting month! Enjoy every minute of it!
    You go girl, you're doing GREAT with low-carb - such an inspiration to me!

    1. Thanks Debs, yep, super exciting things ahead this month, hehe!
      Ai, the low-carb thing is easy when I'm home, and I make the time to plan and prepare my meals. But now already, yesterday was the market day and today was training, and it's so much harder to stick to my resolutions. Hopefully when I visit my folks there won't be many temptations, eeeek!


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