Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Crafts!

Mia had so much fun doing some Easter crafts yesterday.

We made Easter cards to give to family members - super easy and fun and came out so pretty - I'll do a step-by-step explanation of the craft below the piccies.

Then we went off to my sister's house - my folks are visiting for the weekend, yay!  Mia helped decorate the Easter Tree - first time we do this, but definitely a new tradition to keep!  My mom has this little wire tree, and she bought little hanging egg ornaments - it looks beautiful and festive!

After decorating the tree, my mom and Mia did some gardening, planting beautiful daffodils in pots - a perfect spot for the Easter Bunny to hide a choccie or two! ;-)

I found this idea for an Easter craft on Pinterest.
  1. I didn't print out an egg template, just drew some on a couple of papers, and then the same amount that I drew, I cut out using my craft knife, to use for the "frame".
  2. Cut strips of coloured paper - old bits of scrapbook paper worked perfectly for this.
  3. Then I let Mia put glue on the page with the drawn egg template, this can be nice and messy, doesn't have to be done exactly right. :-)
  4. Then positioned the coloured strips of paper on the glue - here I helped Mia to arrange them reasonably straight.
  5. Then use the other paper with the cut-out egg, put more glue onto either paper, and stick it on to create the Easter egg effect of the coloured paper strips.
  6. I used the paper-cutter to then just cut off around the edges to get it nice and tidy.
  7. What got me excited about this craft, is how you can apply this to whatever theme you want! Yay!

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