Friday, September 26, 2014

Mia's Cinderella Party

Mia enjoyed her party so much.  She chose the theme a while ago - and even though I checked a couple of times to make sure she didn't change her mind - she was quite set on a Cinderella party.  With a Cinderella dress and all!  It was quite fun to do a "blue" party!

The venue is a little tea garden nearby here - it was definitely very convenient, the way everything was set up for us, we just took the few extra Cinderella décor items and balloons.  The snack platters, drinks and party packs were all done by the venue too.  Easy!

I designed the invitation myself this year, was quite happy with how it came out!

Pretty blue princess décor

Birthday Girl! ♥
Beautiful cake done by Rox, who is not officially doing cakes again but I'm just super lucky!  This cake was just princess-beautiful with the pretty ombre rosette-icing, and blue vanilla cake inside.  Of course - totally delicious too!

Mia was the cutest little hostess at her party.  She welcomed her little friends, took them by the hand to show them the play area, accepted her prezzies with a "thank you!", and was just too cute for words.

Birthday prezzie stash, lucky girl! 

On the jumping castle, princess rokkie and all!

Thank you piccie to send to everyone.


  1. Prettiest, prettiest party ever! And you have such an awesome little girl, Jess, Mia looks and sounds like a real sweetheart!
    Love the invite you did yourself - well done!
    Happy 4th birthday princess Mia! xx

  2. So nice to see a blue princess for a change. Sometimes all the pink can be a bit much, haha
    She really is gorgeous Jess. You have lots to be proud of.

    1. Yes, really sometimes feel we have a bit of pink overdose going on here, so the blue was lots of fun!!
      Thanks Helen!

  3. My first comment always goes missing .... how odd ... even on Rox's blog.

    Gorgeous party :-)

    1. Aaargh Nusha, sorry comments go missing, so frustrating!!!

      Thank u!


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