Saturday, September 6, 2014

Spring time, solids and swimming lessons!

Each day I open up this page to write a blog post, and at the end of each day I close the blank page again.  Just not enough hours in a day!!

I am so behind in everything I want to blog about, moments I want to remember...

I am so happy it's September! I rejoice in the beautiful green leaves growing on the trees, and love how my excitement is infectious - Mia points out flowers to me all the time.  We take a walk often to a beautiful cherry blossom tree to see how many flowers are growing - just the other day there were no flowers, only buds - yesterday it was in full bloom! Beautiful, special and symbolic.

I'm feeling a great need to do a bit of a "spring cleaning" around the house - time is an issue, but I've decided to make a list of everything I want to do, break it up into smaller bits, so that I can tackle it one half-hour at a time!

Ella is almost 20 weeks old, and we starting giving her solids last weekend! We started with baby cereal - she wasn't super impressed - then mashed up some papaya, and she loved it! Since then she's started eating the cereal very nicely now, and I made a pot of butternut for her, added about 3 chopped up apples, and a small teaspoon of cinnamon.  I wasn't expecting much, I remember Mia refusing my homemade butternut meal - but Ella loves it!

I'm taking a relaxed approach to feeding Ella solids.  We'll get into more of a routine in a few weeks, but for now I just want to introduce her to the concept of eating and as far as possible I want to only give her homemade foodies - Mia was much too much of a "Purity-baby" and I'm convinced that's where her fussy eating stems from!!

Ella has had a post-nasal infection for a month now! So over it. Been nebulising her and using saline spray and using the NoseFrida and the snottiness is just not clearing up! Finally phoned the paed's office and spoke to a nurse there, who said I can give her Celestamine.  So irritated that they didn't recommend this, and I've been to the paed with her twice!!  Hopefully it works to clear her sinuses up now.

Mia started swimming lessons last week!  At the gym.  Twice a week, for twenty minutes. She swims with the instructor and then one other little girl of the same age and same swimming ability.  The first lesson went really well and she loved it.  The second lesson, aw shame, there was some tears - there were other people in the pool, plus another instructor with two kids also swimming in the same area, and when Mia had to stay on the step while the instructor took the other little girl around the pool, it was just a bit overwhelming for her.  But she recovered quickly and did enjoy the rest of it. 

My 360XBT challenge is going well - still not exercising quite as much as I would like to, but the eating plan is going well.  I'm 5kg down and we're just past halfway through the challenge.  So need to up my game to reach my goal of losing 10kg, but I know I can do it, there is room for improvement.  I'm at a horrible in-between stage where my clothes fit terribly - half are too big and baggy and other half too tight and squishy.  Looking forward to tossing the big baggy ones out soon!!

Wyn has been overseas for work again this week - he gets back tomorrow.  We've coped quite fine, supper time and bed time is a little bit of a challenge but not impossible - no meltdowns, from either the kiddies or me! ;-)

Mia's 4th birthday celebrations are coming up in two weeks' time! Lots of excitement and preparation for the Cinderella themed party and all the family that will be coming to visit.  Added motivation to spring clean the house, indeed!

Okay, this was about 3 blog posts rolled into one, but at least I got around to it!  Will post piccies soon.



  1. Yeah, so glad the warmer weather is just around the corner, even though they have only forcast 18 for PE today, but here you get dressed to all 4 seasons in one day.
    Liam hated purity. We also steamed and mashed our own veggies for him. His first fruit was a strawberry, he still shovels them in like there is no tomorrow.
    I hope Ella gets over her sinus. It's horrible to have. We struggle with Liam on a daily basis, the grommets really helped, but since 1 fell out things seem to have gotten worse. He is on meds now until our next ENT appointment. I have to wonder though what long term effect these meds are having. I would rather have another grommet put in and he not be on meds at all.
    Love the swimming lessons. Liam was also apprehensive at first, but he loves it now. Everytime we go he says "mum, I've so exciting to go to swimming lessons" Yes, "exciting"
    You are doing well on your challenge, keep it up, I know you can do it.
    Good luck with the party planning
    Can't wait for more pics of your beautiful family, but I do understand how one runs out of time each day
    Hugs Jess, havea good one

  2. I'm also losing out on priceless memories I want to blog, but then don't get the time... Oh well!
    Oh I do Hope Ella is doing better this week and that hubby is home safe and sound.
    So very well done on 5 kg lost - if I look at our 5l mineral water bottle in the fridge, it's a HUGE amount!
    Enjoy Mia's party preparation! I know it's going to be so special

  3. I have missed reading and commenting on your posts!! Super well done on the amazing weight loss - 5kg is a big deal, don't downplay it :)

    I can't believe how much Ella has grown, she is so so beautiful. I am glad that she is enjoying solids. I pretty much only gave Layla homemade food as a baby and sometimes a jar of Ollie Organics and she is a super fussy eater now so I think the fussiness might just be a personality thing ;) Steamed and pureed pear and blueberries used to her favourite, you think I could even get her to try that now? Not a chance! Lol.

    Mia is growing so fast, as just as beautiful as always. Has Wyn prepared himself mentally for those teenage years? You two are going to be beating the boys away with a broom! I hope she enjoys her swimming lessons and gets less overwhelmed the more practice she gets. Such a sweet, sensitive little soul.

    Have missed your blog my friend!


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