Thursday, March 12, 2015

Activities for 10 month old babies

Ella is at such a busy stage now! I have to constantly be hovering around her, because she crawls to all the off-limit places, such as the dog food, cell phone chargers, dustbins and washing baskets!  She also loves to pull herself into standing position against furniture, but doesn't yet know how to get back down, so she just lets go - grey hairs for mommy!

I've spent some time looking up activities for 9 to 12 month old babies, and found lots of ideas.  I decided to put my favourite ideas together into a list for myself, and to print out for the nanny to use for ideas for baby stimulation.

(Obviously all of these need constant adult supervision, and always be mindful of choking hazards.)

Music, Hearing and Movement:
  • Sing lots of nursery rhymes, especially with actions such as clapping hands, stomping feet, nodding head etc.  Or make up your own silly songs!
  • Play music, any music, and dance with baby, so she can feel the rhythm
  • Show baby how you knock on a door, say "Listen! Do you hear knock-knock-knock?" Do the same with different sounds, splashing water, tapping, bells, etc.
  • Bang on drums, bang on pots
  • Put baby on a blanket and drag the blanket, taking her on a ride!

People, Body Awareness, Object Permanence, Toys
  • Play peek-a-boo - use a cloth over baby, over yourself, over baby's toys
  • Stand in front of a mirror, talk about what you're looking at. "Look at this baby! Look, it's you! Look, here's your nose, your ears, your hair, your feet!" 
  • Page through picture books. Point out people's face expressions
  • Copy-cat games: point to your own nose, say this is mommy's nose, point to baby's nose, say this is baby's nose. Ask baby to point out mommy's nose and baby's nose.
  • Hand-over-hand games. Show baby how to put her hand on top of your hand, with your next hand over her hand. Will take a while for her to grasp the concept, but repeat often.
  • When baby drops a toy, lower her to the ground and let her pick it up herself
  • Use double-sided tape and make toys stick to a surface, show baby how to pull the toy off and stick it again
  • Show toddler a toy, and hide it behind you, getting her to look for it
  • Stacking blocks and cups
  • Sorting colours and shapes
  • Cut a slit in a tin and show baby how to "post" Purity jar lids

Outdoors and Physical Exercise:
  • Go for walks, point out trees, flowers, birds, leaves, grass, sand
  • Blow bubbles
  • Bury plastic animals in a bowl of sand, or floating in water, and let baby find animals
  • Have a tea party!
  • Crawl and chase each other!
  • Create a little obstacle course for baby. Use pillows, make tunnels with blankets and chairs.
  • Use an exercise ball - let baby bounce on it, lie on tummy, lie on back, move backwards and forwards. Very good for strengthening baby's core muscles!
  • Play ball games, gently rolling and getting baby to roll it back
  • Toss bean bags

Tactile and Sensory:
  • When outside, let baby feel grass, tree bark, sand, water. Always explain what it is and how it feels. "Tree bark, feel how rough it is. A green leaf, feel how soft it is."
  • Use shaving foam on a tray or a mirror
  • Let baby unpack Tupperware cupboard
  • Tickle with feather duster
  • Let baby play with cellophane
  • Create little goody baskets or boxes for baby to unpack. Put similar things together: create a box of wooden goodies, a box of plastic goodies, a box of noisy goodies!

Messy Play ideas:
  • Finger painting with homemade edible fingerpaint (Will do a post on this soon, we did this last weekend, so much fun for both Ella and Mia!)
  • Jelly
  • Custard
  • Cooked spaghetti
  • Dry cereals
  • Shredded paper
  • Smash (instant mashed potatoes)
  • Water bowls with small containers, cups and utensils
  • Do hand- and footprint art - great keepsakes!

Keeping babies busy in the car:
  • Listen to sing-along nursery rhymes
  • Easy finger foods such as marie-biscuits or biltong sticks
  • A few different bags with a few small objects to explore - best to pass these on one by one than overwhelming baby with everything at once: wooden puzzle pieces, Purity jar lids, pieces of ribbon or material, small toys and rattles, big hairclips.

These are three of my favourite blogs for some creative ideas: Kids Activities Blog, The Imagination Tree and Happy Hooligans.
Please share what your babies love to do?


  1. Oooooh F A B U L O U S list, Jess! Gonna print it out and put up on the fridge so I have it at hand when Shae gets bored.

    An idea for the outdoor/exercise activities I do with Shae- fill a baby pool with luke warm water, not too deep and fill with water safe toys and those coloured balls.

    Tickling and blowing raspberries is always great fun and makes Shae laugh out loud.

    A little game I do with Shae - with my finger draw around Shae's little face twice saying "om die huis, om die huisie", then softly tap above each eye saying "loer die venstertjie, loer deur die venstertjie", gently tap her nose saying "klop aan die deurtjie" and then "binne in die huisie" while putting your finger sideways and brrrrrr'ping, ag nee don't know how to describe the last part - but what Liezel does with her little Zander. My mom used to do this with me, I remember it so clearly.

    1. Thanks for extra ideas, will add them to my list, thanks!
      Aw that's a cute lil game on her face, yes, Oupi did that with Mia, I remember it!

      So special when you can remember things your mom did with you!

  2. This is a lovely list. My boy puts on his cape and jumps off everything in an effort to fly.

    1. Hahaha oh gosh @ jumping off everything trying to fly! And with a cape on, nogal!

  3. Cool List. At nearly 6 Liam still enjoys emptying the washing basket and hiding in it. It's a bit of a squeeze and often times he can't get out, LOL

    1. Haha cute @ Liam hiding in the washing basket!!


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