Monday, March 23, 2015

Sick girlies!

I've got my hands full with two sick girlies.

It started two weeks ago, when Mia got a tummy bug. I think it broke down her immune system, because she wasn't even completely better from that bug, then she got a cold with a runny nose and a cough.

Ella followed shortly on her heels, not only with a runny nose and a cough, but cutting four teeth at the same time. Lil miss grumpy pants!

I got a prescription from the GP that had treated Mia's tummy bug, and both girls went on a course of Celestamine and nebulising meds, Pulmicort. Also used Monte-Air sprinkles, to no avail.  Carried on with Demazin for Mia and Allergex for Ella.

Those meds didn't help.

Then last week Thursday night Mia coughed the whole night. Literally, coughing in her sleep, the whole night. Saturday night, Ella starts the same.  Last night every time Ella coughed she cried - obviously hurting her chest or throat each time.  Since Saturday night Mia had a constant low-grade fever too.  We were at Sun City for the weekend with my folks - lesson learnt - don't go anywhere with sick kiddies! Couldn't swim, couldn't sleep much...

First thing this morning I phoned for paediatrician appointments.  The girlies have different paeds - it just happened that way that when Mia was born that I took her to Unitas to Dr Engelbrecht, and since then have always gone to either her, or dr Da Gama.  Neither of them were available, so we made an appointment with dr Grobler.  Then, I couldn't get Ella an appointment there, as she's not an existing patient of theirs!  I take Ella to dr Angela Colquhoun, at Kloof Mediclinic, who was the paed present at her birth and assisted with her jaundice.  I tried to get a double appointment there, but same story - Mia isn't an existing patient so I couldn't get a slot for her!

So we had a 9am appointment for Mia at Unitas and then a 11h45 appointment for Ella at Kloof.  Goodness me!

Mia's doc listened to my long list of meds we've already given, and then listened to Mia's chest. She sent us for x-rays of her chest and sinuses - Mia was such a brave girly, so proud of her.  Results came back - thank goodness not an infection in her lungs - just a really bad sinus infection. The doc prescribed antibiotics - and sinus physio.

Then I dropped Mia off at home and fetched Ella for her appointment.  I really like dr Angela and it's a pity it's so difficult to get new patients in there - I'd literally have to book a "check-up" for Mia, because the waiting list for new patients is 4 weeks, and feels like such a waste of money, R700 for an unnecessary consultation, just to get her in the books as a patient!

Ella was diagnosed with Adenovirus, which is basically a bad cold.  Her symptoms are much the same as Mia's, except she hasn't had a fever, thankfully, but her eyes have been a lil bit gunky.  So she's on antibiotics as well, more nebulising meds, nose spray and eye drops.

I was quite relieved, dr Angela said I don't have to take Mia for sinus physio - I can just nebulise her with the same meds as Ella.  I think the physio treatment would be quite traumatic for Mia, although I've heard it to be very effective.

So! Hopefully the two littlies will be on the road to recovery quick-quick.  This mommy needs a good night of sleep...


  1. Oh this so rough! Sick kids are no fun and it is so hard to watch them feel bad.
    I had no idea about the pediatrician, that it is difficult to get appointments.

    1. It's actually ridiculous that it's so difficult to get paed appts!
      Girlies are luckily doing much better already. :-)

  2. Oh heck, that sounds hectic. I hope both girlies are on the mend.
    Liam's paed was a totally waste of time and money and our GP is more than happy to see him, at a lot less money.
    Liam has had croup this weekend with I just treat with the vapouriser in his room in the evenings and Allergex and Mucospect.
    It's all the change of seasons. Down here it's boiling hot one day and cold and rainy the next. Or its hot and rainy, who the heck knows what season it is anymore

    1. They're doing much better today already, thanks!
      Ah shame hope Liam's better too.
      You're right RE change of season!

  3. Now that I'm on this new journey myself, it all started with "we don't accept new patients at the gynaes either" luckily I managed to find a gynae at Kloof that is accepting new patients so I can have this baby there. Makes me wonder about what its going to be like when baba is here. There is a wonderful sister/paed opposite the Eugene Marais hospital, but now that we're moving to Centurion, it makes zero sense to drive SO far... Will see what comes with the birth.

    Glad your girlies are on the mend. Lots of hugs and kisses xxx

    Lets do coffee soon soon soon

    1. I hope you'll be as happy with Kloof as I was!
      But yes, these doctors are just ridiculous with the way that they literally refuse patients...
      Coffee! Soon! Yes!


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