Friday, June 19, 2015

Pinterest, oh darling Pinterest

Pinterest is my favourite website ever.  It's such a clever concept.  It's like a virtual pinboard, a personalised collection of all your favourite things, ideas, tips, articles, crafts, recipes, pictures, quotes, etc etc.

It also, unfortunately, just adds to my never-ending To Do list!  I have spent many hours procrastinating on Pinterest...

I had such a giggle at this pic recently:

One day I'll get around to my candle-making hobby again...

But for now, Pinterest is a great source of kids activities, party ideas and recipes.  All the organization ideas will have to wait too!

This quote has some serious truth to it:

 I love looking at tattoo ideas on Pinterest, and looking up specific quotes to suit an occasion.   The list of kids activities puts me to shame, I really do want to do more of them.  The birthday tradition ideas have inspired me and I love the traditions I've started with my girlies already.

It's fun planning home decor for a dream house...

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  1. Pinterest rocks, and I have been on it way more often now that I should be studying - you know how it goes lol ;)

  2. I adore Pinterest as well ... it is the absolute best for party ideas, decor etc. Although I must say it mostly makes me feel bad that I am not one of those mums that can do EVERYTHING all by herself ...

  3. Love love Pinterest but honestly you have tot ake some of those crafts with a pinch of salt as they are really not as easy as they are claimed to be


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