Friday, August 7, 2015

Dove's #BeautyLegacy campaign

Dove sent me a gift bag, containing two of their wonderful soaps, a jar, and post-it notes.

Their latest inspirational campaign is about leaving a beauty legacy.

Think about this:  "The way a girl feels about beauty, starts with the way you feel about yours."

The idea is to write positive affirmations and messages on the post-it notes, specifically things that we as women would have liked our younger selves to hear.  Then to collect these notes in the jar, and pass it on to my daughters.

I love this concept!  As a mom with two daughters, it is so important to me that they know their self-worth, have good body images, self-respect, confidence and happiness.

Next week I'll share more about how I went about doing this little project.

For now, have a look at this video:

Makes one think, doesn't it!

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