Thursday, October 8, 2015

Edible Paint and Soap Slime fun!

Mia's on school holiday this week, and we've had a playdate with friends here at home, we've been for icecream at the dairy farm and we've made iced marie biscuits for my grandfather.

Today I didn't have any clients booked, and decided to just do some arts & crafts stuff at home.  I came across a whole lot of ideas, and thought we'd see how far we get with doing as many as possible today.  Ha!  We only did two:

Edible Paint:
 - 2 tablespoons of sugar
 - 1/2 cup of cornflour
 - 3 cups cold water
 - food colouring

Stir sugar and cornflour together, then slowly add water and heat over medium heat until mixture thickens.  It will thicken further when it cools.  Divide into four containers and add food colouring.  Paint with brushes or fingers!

This takes quite long to prepare - it took about 10 minutes to mix and cook, and then about 20 minutes to cool down.  While cooling, we prepped the next activity:

Soap Slime:

 - half a grated Lux soap
 - 3 cups of boiling water
 - food colouring

Mix boiling water and grated soap together to melt it - we used the electric mixer.  Add in food colouring. 

It went all soapy and bubbly - and then it also needed to be left alone to thicken and cool and become slimy.

The girlies enjoyed the painting - however, the "edible" part was actually wasted, as neither of them wanted to eat any of it!  Surprisingly, even Ella didn't like it when I tried to give her a lick.  I'm actually relieved - this means we can start moving on to regular painting with Ella - no need to worry that she'll want to put the paintbrush in her mouth!  However, she did not want to stick to painting only her paper, she painted Mia's paper (much to Mia's horror), she painted the newspaper and the table, and even tried to go outside with her paintbrush...

The soap-slime took quite a while to cool down and become slimy - Mia was super impressed and "dug" right in.  Ella, on the other hand, was not keen on the texture at all and preferred to dig into it with her spade, flinging bits of the slime all over the place!

Both of these activities took quite some time in preparing them - and the painting kept them busy for maybe 10 minutes, and the slime for less than 5...  Felt like so much effort for such a short time of "fun" - but nonetheless, it was an experience for all of us and nice to do something different than the usual daily activities and play.

Another painting activity I found that looks super cool, but didn't have the energy for today, is this salt, glue and watercolour art...  Perhaps tomorrow! ;-)



  1. Replies
    1. Sure Liam will enjoy the slime too, try it!!

  2. These are really excellent idea. You a great mom. You take such time with your girls.

    1. Aw thanks so much for the compliment. Sometimes I feel like i should be doing more.


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