Thursday, October 22, 2015

Our ladybird golf balls!

We had so much fun doing these!

Living on a golf estate, means we get quite a lot of stray golf balls landing up in our garden...  we decided to put them to some good use and create cute little garden ornaments!

We first spray-painted the golf balls with primer.

Then we painted them red with acrylic craft paint.  For the black bits, we used nail polish!  Worked so well.  Then the white eyes and black dots on top.  So easy and cute.

When it was all dry, I did a layer of varnish.

They look super cute in the garden, and make such cute lil gifts for the grannies and aunties!

Hopefully they'll last quite long in wind and rain.


  1. OMG, those are super cute Jess! Brilliant idea

  2. These are so cute! I am going to buy some just to paint.

  3. I love how Mia concentrates so hard when painting, so cute!


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