Monday, April 1, 2013

Reboot Challenge!

Today is day one - I'm doing the SleekGeek 30 Day Reboot Challenge. 

A few weeks ago when some of my friends started trying this challenge, I had a look at it, and all I saw was: no sugar, no alcohol, no grains, no starch and no dairy - what!!! And I wrote it off as a bad idea.  But, the more success my friends were having on this plan, and the more I was reading up about Paleo way of eating, the more it inspired me, made sense, and got me keen to give it a shot!

I'm really struggling to lose weight this year - Weight Watchers just wasn't cutting it.  I've been seesawing a kg up and down since January - not cool.  I'd like to lose about 7kg to get to goal weight.

This challenge is going to take lots of willpower but it's possible, it's do-able, and I know I'm going to feel great when I complete it - and it's just going to get me into better habits.  I don't need to finish all of Mia's snacks that she doesn't want.  I don't need to eat chocolate every night.  I don't need to drink wine every weekend.

It's not a diet.  It's a way of eating.
My plan is to complete the 30 day challenge, then have some pizza, chocolate and wine - and then carry on with the Paleo concept, following the 80/20 rule - so being super good 80% of the time - which will give me about 3 "cheat" meals per week - cheat as in including some starch, dairy or wheat - not cheat as in overindulging!

However, if I listen to other people who have completed the Reboot - they just don't want these sugary, starchy foods anymore!  In fact, when I was following the low-carb eating plan the last few weeks, when I had some pizza, I felt so sick and bloated - and when I had some cake, I got such a bad headache.  Interesting how the body truly tells you what it does not need!

Here is a shopping list of food that is allowed on the Reboot plan.
And here is a breakdown of what to expect during the 30 days - sounds scary at first, but can't wait for the energised feeling!

There's a group on Facebook dedicated to this Reboot, find it here - for lots of info, inspiration, motivation and recipe ideas - it's just fabulous, and helps so much to know there's lots of people in the same boat as you!

There are lots of awesome websites with delicious food ideas - all I need to do is Google it - but for now I've put together a list of meal ideas for myself for easy reference:

• Eggs – scrambled, omelette, hardboiled - with mix ‘n match of following: bacon, steak, chicken, tomatoes, spinach, ham, mushrooms, etc.
• Fruit smoothie
• Nut cereal – mixed raw nuts, coconut flakes, cinnamon, optional to add coconut milk
• Fruit salad
• Supper leftovers
• Paleo banana bread muffins

• Steak with mixed roast veg
• Paleo meatballs with mashed sweet potato and homemade tomato and onion relish
• Sweet potato cottage pie
• Fish (hake, kingklip, salmon, haddock) with sweet potato oven chips and salad
• Tuna fishcakes with asparagus and beetroot
• Chicken sosaties with roast veg or salad
• Chicken/beef stirfry with veg
• Beef stew made with beef stock, onion, baby marrows, carrots
• Lamb curry with mashed sweet potato
• Mince bolognaise, serve with squash instead of spaghetti
• Hamburger patties with loads of salad
• Tuna salad
• Avo and egg salad
• Bacon salad
• Chicken & veggie soup
• Lamb chops with roast veg, sweet potato
• Beef & Mango Salad

• Biltong
• Raw nuts: pecan, almonds, cashew, macadamia – NOT PEANUTS
• Fruit
• Veggie sticks – dip in almond butter or macadamia nut butter
• Fruit smoothie: Banana, blueberries, strawberries, ¼ tin coconut milk, water and ice

• Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries – with some coconut cream
• Paleo Choc Mousse: recipe on Pinterest, includes dates, coconut cream and cocoa

Yum, sounds delicious!  Who needs cheese or chocolate!
Let's do this, whoop whoop!


  1. WOW what a fabulous post,Jess! You are so ready, if you were any more ready, you would have been done ;-). It's going to be gooooood! Have fun with it xx

    1. Hehehe @ any more ready would have been done.
      Thanks Debs!!

  2. Good luck Jess! I have been hearing about Paleo, and I'm curious about it...I might just have to look into it.

    1. There's LOTS of info on paleo eating Tandi, you must look it up! It's really based on "eating clean", and makes lots of sense. :-)

  3. going to be following yours as well Jess, enjoy your day two.. I am feeling great on day 1

    1. Ah thanks Larissa! So far so good - slight headache, but not bad. Energy levels are really great, been putting in some good workouts this week so far! :-)

  4. Sjoe! This sounds like a really good plan ... but not sure I could pull this off ... but would love to try!
    Gonna check out your shopping list link .... maybe I can ease into the eating plan slowly so that the rest of the household doesn't go into shock :-D

    1. Exactly how I felt at first nusha, not being sure if I could pull it off. But it's do-able, day 4 and going so well!!
      Yes - good plan to ease into it at first, and then set a date to do Reboot full on!

  5. PS. Good luck! You sound so enthusiastic and determined, I'm sure you're going to cope well!

  6. I must say your meal ideas sound so much more enticing than what I was pulling off! Yum, you are going to be just fine and the results will be awesome! I look forward to supporting you on your reboot like you supported me on mine!! Enjoy it :)

    1. Thanks! So far am really enjoying the meals - they take more time to prepare than how I usually ate - but it's nice to be trying some different things!

  7. You are an inspiration, and I am jointing Monday because of you! Will have to stay focused :)

    1. Yay Ilani, jy gaan great doen!! Sterkte en laat weet my hoe dit gaan!

  8. Loved your blog....we are on day 1 - and it's a case of keeping it simple - but i have emailed your blog to my partner and asked him to please identify things he wants me to add into next weeks planning!

    thanks for sharing!

    1. Ah that's awesome, so glad if I can help with some ideas! Reboot is totally awesome, good luck and stay strong! :-)

  9. Hello Jess

    I am starting the Reboot today and Im gathering all the info I can. I haven't perused your site much, did you manage to do the entire 30 days?

    I cannot access the link in this blog for the shopping list. Has it been removed?


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