Monday, June 3, 2013

Of playdates, pirates, walks and moon-sand!

Mia's had a fun, eventful couple of days. ♥

Our weekend started off with a playdate on Friday afternoon, with two friends from Moms & Tots - neither Ruby or Zara go to Tots class anymore, but they're still the cutest three lil musketeers, and we haven't bonded with any other new Tots friends.  I think these three will be friends for life!

On Saturday we went to a special little girl's fourth birthday party, and the theme was Pink Pirates.  What an amazing party!  So much attention to detail.  Each little guest got a pirate outfit to wear, complete with swords, hats, eye patches and telescopes, and a loot bag.  They did treasure hunts and found jewellery!  They got temporary tattoo's!  They ate fish & chips out of adorable little paper boats with their names on, and they could dish up sweeties from a beautiful delicious sweetie buffet table.
Mia loved the pirate outfit so much, that she wore it yesterday and today already as well.  "I want to be a pirate!"

This morning we went for a little stroll out on the golf course, Mia on her plastic bike, Nala on the leash.  Fresh air and exercise for all of us! ;-)
Then, for some fun, we did messy play: We made moon-sand!  Check out this post for the recipe - we did the flour and oil one again, really a divine texture.



  1. Awww sweetie-pie pictures! Love the one of Mia walking the plank pure model-style with the hands on the hips! The party and play-date sounds like oodles of fun.

    Haha still wanted to tell you, I found the moon sand Jamie and I made a couple of months(?) back in the garage and to my amazement it was still perfectly fine to play with,didn't change a bit!

  2. Thanks Debs!
    Ah wow, that's so cool that the moon sand lasted that long, supercool!

  3. Looks like an amazing party! And Mia rocks that pirate outfit, no wonder she wants to wear it everyday!

    1. Hehehe, she did rock that outfit, I love it!!


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