Tuesday, July 2, 2013

An Update on Mia Mooi

I think it's time I do an update on Mia and her world!

I'm loving her character that is developing more and more each day.  She is gentle with animals, she is friendly to people in town, she likes to share her sweets, and she is very tactile - touches people, gives hugs and cuddles.  She has good manners mostly, saying please and thank you and sorry and hello and goodbye.  She is super sensitive, quick to get very emotional if we say 'no'.

Her communication is just amazing - she speaks fluently in English, and mostly fluently in Afrikaans.  She understands just about everything I tell her.  She loves telling family members "I love you so much!"

 - She can count to 15 in English and to 10 in Afrikaans
 - She identifies nearly all colours in English, and all the major colours in Afrikaans
 - She identifies shapes in English, she loves to point out circles, squares, triangles, octagons, rectangles, diamonds, hearts and stars.

Favourite things on tv:
 - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
 - The Gruffalo
 - The Gruffalo's Child
 - Room on the Broom
 - The Lorax
 - The Little Mermaid
 - Monsters, Inc
 - Tinkerbell
 - Doc McStuffins
 - Mr Maker
 - I can Cook

Favourite books:
 - The Gruffalo
 - The Gruffalo's Child
 - Charlie Cook's Favourite Book
Favourite activities:
 - Dancing to music on the tv
 - Playing with a ball
 - Helping me in the kitchen, pouring and mixing
 - Arts & crafts: painting, sticking, cutting (very recently got her a plastic scissor, so the cutting is still very new, she gets a bit frustrated when she doesn't manage, but still learning)
 - Going for walks and finding leaves, flowers, cones, grasses, stones, etc
 - Making a "pillow house" with blankets and pillows
 - Having picnics and tea parties

Potty training is going very slow - but hey, it's winter, the toilet is cold!  I thought I'll wait til August and then focus on that a bit more.

I want to start looking at playschools in the area, and put her name down for next year January.

She truly is the light of our lives, our sunshine child, our beautiful Mia Mooi.


  1. She's beautiful Jess! And I'm amazed at her ability to count and point out colours and shapes. WOW! Good job. :) I'm struggling a bit with Matthew with those things. But he's getting there.

    1. Thanks Kim, I think she's beautiful too!
      Don't stress about Matthew - just do lots of repetitive shapes and colours with him, he'll get the hang of it soon!

  2. What a precious update about Mia Mooi!
    She is such a clever little girly - bright as a star :-) Love all those piccies of her, she is growing up so very quickly - looks like a real little lady - the one of her laying on the grass is my favorite.

    1. She is my bright shining star! :-D
      Thanks, also love that one of her on the grass!

  3. Truly a stunning child. I think she and Liam would make a good pair, haha. Hey, I took a pic of Liam last week trying on my knee high boots, but he didn't look half a cute as Mia Mooi. Perhaps it was the neon green underpants that spoiled the shot :-)

    1. LOL @ Liam in your knee high boots with neon green undies, cute man!!


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