Monday, July 22, 2013

Potty Training

I've been taking a very relaxed approach to potty training with Mia.  Put her on the toilet before bath time, sometimes she makes a wee, sometimes not.  She doesn't ever tell me before she needs the loo, not even for a number two.  I think that's one disadvantage that toddlers have who stay at home - kids who go to school do potty train a lot faster because of structured potty training amongst all the peers.

But mostly I think winter has put me off actively potty training her - who wants to spend lots of time sitting on a cold toilet seat, walking around bare bum, or with wet broeks! 

However, she's been showing more and more interest in wanting to go nappy-free.  So I've decided mid-winter or not, let's tackle this thing a bit more pro-actively!

I made her a potty training chart, to stick lil star stickers on every time she does her business in the toilet, and after a couple of stars, she can get a present. 

I bought three gifts so long to get started - a set of glitter bangles, a Pez sweetie holder with Pez sweets, and a little Hello Kitty digital watch.  I wrapped them up, showed the prezzies to her and explained to her that she needs a couple of stars first. 

Yesterday went very well with two wee's in the loo! Yay!

I'm hoping to be nappy-free for at least a few months before the nappy-drill starts all over again with a newborn!


  1. That's a solid approach, Jess! It's definitely going to be successful. Well done!

  2. Well done Jess. This will work and they learn so quickly. Matthew has been trained for 3 months now already. There will be oopsies, but I'm sure Mia will do brilliantly!

    1. Thanks Kim! Aw wow, so brilliant @ Matthew off nappies for 3 months, that's great! Hopefully we'll get there soon too.


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