Thursday, September 19, 2013

36 Months Toddler Update!

I can't believe my baby girl is three years old, in two days' time!  I thought I should do one of these updates:

1.) How old today?  Mia Mooi is 3 years old in two sleepies! 
2.) New milestones/ talents/ achievements?  Potty training is going very well.  She's basically only on night time nappies - the last week she's been having her afternoon nap with no nappy on, and no accidents yet, touch wood!  She still sometimes asks for a nappy for a number 2 though.
She's started telling stories, "there was a little boy, and he picked a flower, and he put it in his hair, and then he was a princess!" Love it!! 
3.) Favourite toys & favourite things to do?  She loves it when I read to her.  She loves playing games on the tablet.  She enjoys sticker books.  Enjoys digging in the garden.  Tea parties and picnics!
4.) Current words?  Thousands.  She's putting sentences together beautifully, and can communicate exactly what she wants to say.  She's doing well in both English and Afrikaans.  She often asks what a word is in Afrikaans, so she's realising how to differentiate between the two.  Love it! 
5.) Favourite food and snacks?  Viennas, chicken, marmite toast, fish fingers, chocolate. 
6.) How is toddler sleeping at night?  Wow, the best.  She sleeps through.  Bed time is at around 8pm.  She wakes up around 7am.  Heaven! 
7.) Day naps?  She naps from about 14h00 until 16h00.  
8.) How many teeth - and how are teething issues going?  All 20 are here, thank goodness!
9.) Weight and length?  About 16kg, I must check her length!
10.) Clothing size and shoe size?  2-3 years clothes still fit, but only just-just, so definitely buying bigger sizes for next year.  Shoe size 7. 
11.) Recent toddler 'highs'?  The kisses she loves the give. How friendly she is to people in town. How much she loves her family. Cuddles and snuggles in bed in the morning.  Her singing, chatting, stories, questions. 
12.) Recent toddler 'lows'?  Hmm.  Some discipline issues - I'm way too soft, she has me wrapped around her little finger.  
13.) What are you looking forward to in the coming months?  Her birthday this weekend, and her birthday party on Monday!  Looking forward to our holiday in November, as well as a seaside holiday in January, yay! 
14.) How are mommy and daddy doing?  Really good, no complaints! Do wish we could spend more alone-time together sometimes, but guess we need to just manage our time better and make date-night a more common occurance!  We both really love this toddler stage, the interaction is so special.


  1. Lovely!
    I had the strangest dream about you last night! (good strange)

    1. Oh LOL Michelle, how funny is that!! Wonder what i'm doing in your subconscious mind! ;-p

    2. It was the strangest thing. You were selling handbags and scarves etc from your blog, but we had to go to a room to see the stuff and then order off the internet. Was so bizarre!

    3. Hahaha, too funny! LOL! ;-p

  2. How special Jess! Can't believe that the big 3 is around the corner. Matthew's is in 4 months. OMG!

  3. Love the update, Jess. She is such a beautiful little girl!
    Well done on the potty training, Mia Mooi <3

    1. Thanks Debs! So pleased with the potty training progress, hasn't been too stressful. Will do a proper full post on it soon.


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