Tuesday, September 17, 2013

8 Week Scan! ♥

This morning Wyn and I went for our 8 week scan.  It was done at the radiologists at Kloof hospital.  I've been nervously anticipating this appointment since it was made - just really needed reassurance that all is OK - and that's exactly what I got!

Lil BabyV² is in the right place, and measuring at 8w1d.

Is there anything more amazing than hearing a tiny foetus' heartbeat? Oh wow, it's like hearing a piece of heaven.  Heart rate was 158bmp.

Lil bean measures 16.6mm.  Cutie pie!

It all feels so much more 'real' to me now.  There's really a lil baby growing deep inside me, Mia's really going to be a big sister, I've really signed up for many sleepless nights and a truckload of nappies again, we're really going to be a completed family of four! Yay!!! ♥



  1. Ahhhh, baby's first picture! Cuteness!! (And I love the nickname)

  2. Gorgeous first pic of your little munchkin!

  3. Brilliant, happy news!!! Love and hugs. xx

  4. Aww bless Jess! Such amazing photos!


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