Wednesday, October 16, 2013

12 Week Scan!

Yesterday was our 12-week scan at the Foetal Assessment Centre.

How wonderful to see this growing lil person inside my tummy!

First thing I thought was, "thank goodness there's only one baby" - after the 8 week scan, the radiologist had said she can't confirm yet if there's one or two, I was quite nervous about that!

The second thing I thought was, "this baby is so relaxed and quiet!" - it had made a huge impression at me at Mia's 12 week scan, the way she was moving so much, it looked like she was doing water ballet, and was actually expecting the same now.  This lil baba was resting with its chin on its chest, too cute, and only gave lil jumps when the doctor pressed hard with the probe on my tummy.

All is good, measurements are all normal, baby measuring at 5.5cm and heart rate of 174bpm.  Nuchal fold measured 1mm, and the Downs Syndrome test specifies that it should be less than 2.5mm.

We were hoping that the doc might be able to tell us whether the baby is a girl or a boy - but she couldn't see.  She said if it were 13 weeks instead of 12 weeks, she would have been able to give more of an indication, but for now, girls bits are swollen and boys bits are quite small, so hard to tell.  It's OK - just another thing to look forward to, and four weeks til our next scan will go by fast!

I had to have another blood test done afterwards though - I am so over that!! Hopefully the last in a long time.

We got some cute piccies of BabyV², I keep looking at them!

Nice lil profile
A precious leggy!
A small hand next to the head, waving hi to mommy and pappa!
Beautiful profile of my miniature person
Mia is super excited and loved seeing the scan piccies
12-week bump!


  1. Stunning update, stunning pictures and stunning sonar photos! So glad all is going well with BabyV², such a cutie already. Love the teeny, tiny bump and Mia kissing it. Special!

    1. Thanks Debs, still floating on cloud 9 after the scan!
      Mia keeps on giving me reassurance that she is 100% OK with a new baby joining our family, I feel so happy about it!

  2. Omw there is a teeny tiny human growing in your belly!!! How precious!

    Hmmmm, based on the nub theory and your second picture I am taking a wild guess that it is a girl! However seeing as what I am looking at may in fact just be the other leg/foot I reserve the right to change my mind at a later stage, like when you know for sure haha. I am no expert afterall. :P

    P.S. Love the bump

    1. Hehe, giggling at your guess and reserving the right to change your mind later, cute man!

  3. Awwwe, I'm smiling like a Cheshire Cat. Sooooo beautiful. I'm so happy to hear that everything is right on track. Keep looking after yourself, and that Lil Peanut.
    PS. You've been eating waaay too many pies!

    1. I promise you, I've been smiling like a Cheshire cat non-stop since the scan! :-D
      LOL @ eating too many pies, hehehe!


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