Sunday, October 20, 2013

Such a relaxing Sunday!

Today was the perfect kind of day!  I feel so relaxed, content, and in love with my little family. ♥

It started raining early yesterday evening, and didn't stop for 24 hours - divine!  So nice to hear the rain during the night.  And best of all, the overcast morning meant the sun didn't wake Mia up - we all slept til 9am!  I got up just after 6am to cover Mia with her duvet, and to do a 'rain delay' on the irrigation system, and then fell blissfully asleep again.

We all snuggled and cuddled in bed til 10am, and then went out for a Spur brekkie, it was really yummy, I had a very happy tummy!

Then Mia and I baked some cookies - it was a new recipe for nutella cookies, but they went very flat in the oven and were one big mess by the time I took them out... However, they were super yummy, especially once cooled, nice and crunchy!

After that, we napped for an hour and a bit - soooooo nice! :-)

When we woke up, I went for a gym session, which felt nice and invigorating.

Wyn just cooked us hamburgers for supper.  Mia and I are watching Beauty and the Beast now. 
This is the life!

* * Edit:  At bedtime, I told Mia that I had a wonderful day.  "Yes mommy", she said in her sleepy bedtime voice.  I asked her what was her favourite part of the day. She answered, "Eating!"  Oh I giggled! Whether it was the Spur brekkie, the nutella cookies, or the hamburger, I don't know.  Possibly and probably, a combination of all of those! ;-)


  1. And whose favourite part of the day isn't eating? Love it, look forward to it. Can't wait to shovel breakfast into my mouth


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