Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pregnancy Update: 11 weeks

There's a questionnaire that I did every month during my pregnancy with Mia, and can't believe I haven't started doing it yet with this pregnancy!

1.  How far along are you now? 11 weeks today

2.  When is your due date? 29 April 2013

3.  What has been your preggy high this week? Enjoying the beginnings of a preggy bump, and nice to have pregnancy as a reason to go to bed early!

4.  What has been your preggy low this week? Still some queasiness, on and off.  And struggling to find maternity clothes in the shops!

5.  What is your current over-riding emotion? Excited for next week's scan!

6.  What is on your list of things to do in the next month regarding preparation for baby?  Hm, not really anything specific at this stage. A lot can only happen once we find out if it's a boy or a girl.

7.  What is your current craving? Not a specific craving as such, but I'm really loving yoghurt at the moment. And chocolate...

8.  How are you feeling physically? Good mostly, a bit tired and drained sometimes.

9.  How are you feeling emotionally? Shame, poor Mia, hubby and Nala the dog - I'm quite irritable often, oops.

10.  How is your partner dealing with the pregnancy at this stage? Good. I like how he holds my tummy at night when we sleep!

11.  How are you feeling about the pregnancy at this point? Excited.

12.  How much does baby weigh/measure at the moment? No, don't know at all. At 8 week scan baby was about 1.6cm. Should be around 4cm now. How cute!!

13.  How much weight have you gained to date?  Eeeek. Am so nervous about this. 2kg up already...

14.  What is the nursery room theme and what have you done for the nursery recently? Oooh no, will start thinking of this once we know baby's gender.

15.  What are the latest baby-related items you have bought or got given? A very cute little panda-bear beanie and mitten set from my special friend Debs, and a babygro and blanket from skoonma. That's all so far, but no worries, I know this collection will still grow! ;-)

16.  What are you looking forward to? So excited for next week's 12-week scan. Can't wait for a proper bump, I look like a pie-thief at the moment. Also looking forward to feeling baby move. Good times ahead!

Here is the link to the questionnaire I did when I was 11 weeks pregnant with Mia:  http://blogs.parent24.com/jessicaviljoen/2010/03/16/march-preggy-questionaire/
I left out some of the questions that I felt weren't really too relevant, and changed one or two of the questions to suit me better. ;-)
Will do these updates monthly!


  1. Love the preggy update! So cute how Wyn is holding your tum at night.
    Can't believe how fast baby went from a poppy seed to 4cm! Can't wait to hear how much she/he has grown by next week's scan! xx

    1. The growth of a baby, from conception to birth, just fascinates me, it's such a miracle! Also can't wait to hear how big baba is next week!


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