Monday, March 10, 2014

Baby Room Piccies! ♥

 Baby Ella's room is ready for her! ♥

Had lots of fun finishing off her room this weekend, put the curtains up, hung the canvas pictures, stuck the vinyl sticker, finished sorting and tidying cupboards and compactum.

Now have a last few odds and ends that I still need, that I'm hoping to finalise after this weekend, like needing a new parent unit for the AngelCare monitor a friend gave us, and then needing things like Tommee Tippee bottles, bath towels, bath toys, spoegdoeke, muslin blankies and some toiletries like nappy cream and medicines.  Exciting!

Mom-in-law made beautiful curtains, so happy with them!
I painted this canvas, and painted the wooden wording that I found at a craft shop.

I'm totally in love with the vinyl wall decal, that was done by CVDB Designs

Mia's pretty pink curtains that mom-in-law made - Mia loves them, keeps saying how pretty they are.  Mia's room is such a pink princess boudoir, we're thinking of painting a grey stripe on the wall, same as Ella's room has a pink stripe, just to break all the pink going on there!

Mia painted a canvas for her sister's room too, she was super pleased with how it came out. :-)

Oooh, next big thing is to pack my and Ella's bags for the hospital!  Eeeek! ♥


  1. So pretty :-)

    Princess paradise ... i REALLY love the grey with the pink strip across it ...

  2. OMG, the girls rooms are gorgeous. Love that they are next to each other too. You really give it your all. Love it, love it. (feeling guilty that Liam's room is some gawd awful purple originally painted for DH's daughter.
    Pack those bags girl !. I remember packing my bag at 35 weeks thinking I had another 5 weeks to go. Nah, ah, I had 5 days!
    I'm getting sooooo excited for you and your little family
    Hugs Jess

    1. Ah LOL @ Liam's purple room, cute man.
      True - will get my bags packed, so many friends' babas have arrived earlier than expected lately, I want to be as prepared as I can!!
      Hugs too!

  3. Love Ella's room! And also love that the girls' rooms are next to each other. You are so creative! Just love it.

    1. Thanks Kim! Yes, I like that they're next to each other too. :-D


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