Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Our 6-week check-ups

I'm a little bit behind with updates, after the rough week we've had.  Ella is 7 weeks old today, but I want to talk about our 6-week check-up appointments that we had.

On Tuesday last week, we went to the paed.  I'm using the paed that assisted with the birth and did Ella's checks in hospital, dr Angela, at Kloof hospital.  She's really sweet and I like her lots.  I really liked dr Marleen Engelbrecht who I took Mia to, but just not keen on Unitas hospital though.

At six weeks, Ella weighs 4.6kg (2.8 at birth), and 55cm long (50cm at birth) - so she's been growing a lot already, gosh!

The paed recommended that we get a nebuliser to help Ella's snotty nose, and she prescribed a 3% saline solution to nebulise with, as well as some Betnusol nose drops to use for a few days to help clear her up.

On Wednesday I took Ella to the baby clinic for her vaccinations.  Poor little one, she was so brave with the first injection and didn't make a sound, but then the nurse said the second one stings, and poor Ella cried and cried.  Luckily my big dose of Rescue Remedy helped me keep it together!  She didn't have any bad side effects from the vacs, in fact, opposite, she slept really well for the two nights following them, giving us a long stretch of 6-7 hours between night feeds!  She was a little bit grumpy on the second day's afternoon and evening, but other than that, no other symptoms. Yay!

Thursday was my turn to see Dr Jacquie Grassie for my check-up.  She prescribed Eglonyl tablets for me to use to up my milk production (although now feeling sceptical about them after reading that many women gained weight while on Eglonyl, eeeek!) and she has also recommended that instead of going back on the pill, I have the mirena put in.  I'm still doing some research to decide yay or nay, but so far I'm thinking yes, going to keep my appointment for the end of the month.

I'm having a tough time putting my weight loss plans into action - there's just no time for me to go to the gym, and why does healthy food take so much longer to plan and prepare!!  I'm working on it though, and feeling positive that I'll get my mind set right soon.

And there's another morning gone by in the blink of an eye, let me get out of my slippers and into my shoes so I can go fetch Mia from school.  So much for having enough time for a gym session before fetching her...



  1. Wrote a whole long reply and now it has disappeared.
    Breast milk supply works on a supply and demand basis. If you feed more often, you will have more milk. It takes your body about three days to understand what you need. If you are using bottles and dummies, it will reduce the amount you feed, and hence the milk supply will drop. Breast milk digests quicker and it will seem Ella is not getting enough because she will feed more often. However, all that said....she is growing well so you have it all sorted.

    1. Oh no, Helen also complains that her replies go missing, so strange, wonder what causes that. Sorry!
      Breastfeeding and how the body produces the right amount is just so amazing, I'm quite in awe of it.

  2. I was on Eglynol and now that I think about it, I think that is what caused me to put on the weight, not just the fact that I went back to work. Good luck Jess, not easy. I have also been doing research on the Mirena and I'm also thinking yes so far. So much easier and less stress :)

    Can't believe your little baba is 7 weeks old already. Where has the time gone???? Such a trooper for taking her vaccs so well!

    You WILL get back into the weight loss game and you WILL do well! I just know it!

    Good luck Jess!

    1. Eish, for now I'm on a low dosage of Eglonyl, just one pill a day, but if I feel it's causing weight gain, I'll rather stop it before it gets worse!
      Thanks my friend!

  3. Glad to hear the check ups went well. Hate those vaccinations. So distressing for us parents :-)
    I can't comment on the milk thing. I weaned Liam over a period of 3 weeks so my milk dried up naturally. I just replaced a breast feed with a bottle. I was fortunate that Liam was happy to interchange between the boob and bottle. I've heard it's not always that easy with some little ones.
    I went straight back on my normal Pill after stopping breastfeeding. I've got this thing about having a foreign body inside me. And my Pill worked for years so why change it. I do wonder tho how long I'll be swallowing the little white tablet :-/
    Don't put too much pressure on yourself to loose weight. Ella is only 7 weeks old. Take it easy on yourself.
    Wish I had my slippers on.
    Have a good day Jess. Love and hugs to all

    1. I like how the mirena lasts for five years, so not having to remember to take the lil pill is a big bonus. Also love the idea that periods are much lighter or even non-existant, yes please!
      Thanks girl, have a good day too!

  4. Glad you and Ella are both doing so well :-)
    Don't know anything about the Eglonyl so can't really say. My supply was always enough for all 3 of the kids ... so I guess I'm lucky. They do say that using bottles and dummies affects your supply as well ...
    Mirena is awesome :-)

  5. You have such brave little girlies, so glad Ella took her vaccinations well.
    She is growing beautifully, you are doing such a great job!
    Fingers crossed that the Eglonyl does not have any bad effects on you, mag dit sommer jou laat gewig verloor. Xx


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