Monday, June 9, 2014

Poor Mia's horrible week!

Gosh, Mia's had a run of bad luck.  Things happen in three's, so I do hope things can get back to normal for her now!

Firstly it was the postnasal infection that had been bugging us all, so much so that Mia and I went to the doctor on Wednesday. We just weren't getting better and both starting to cough, keeping us all up at night.  We got antibiotics, and started dosing ourselves immediately with extra vitamins and probiotics too.

Then on Thursday, Mia was fiddling around in the kitchen while I was making coffee.  She was climbing into Ella's baby car seat - it tipped forward and she fell head first against the door, and cut the side of her head above her ear on the door hinge.  Oh my heart, seeing my hand come away with blood on it! 

Thankfully my sister was there, and she helped me keep calm, we took her to the bathroom, cleaned her up, saw that it stopped bleeding quite quickly, the cut was only about 1cm long, and wouldn't need stitches.  Gave her a big dose of pain meds and a couple of rescue tablets for mommy!  Poor Mia, this was her first big ouch.  Accidents happen so quickly!

Then, on Friday afternoon, Mia was having a nap on my bed, Ella was asleep in the cot, and I was having a little lie-down before a client was due to come for a treatment.  Mia suddenly woke up, looked at me funny, and then proceeded to vomit all over herself, our bed, my pants and her blanket.  It was all bright red, thanks to her having eaten some red velvet cake earlier that day!

Wyn was a star, stripping the bed and taking everything to the laundry room while I cleaned Mia up and dressed her.  She kept saying she feels fine, not sick at all.

Early Friday evening I had given Mia a cup of Oros to drink and a few strawberries... Then she brought all that up again too.  Wyn went to Unitas hospital's chemist, and they gave us one Zofer tablet - we actually need a prescription for it, but the pharmacist was kind enough to give us one tablet.  This suppressed the nausea and vomiting and luckily she slept well, and on Saturday morning she ate half a toast and half an apple... But her tummy was upset and could see she really wasn't feeling herself. Then, sitting on my bed, she vomited again...  Off the sheets came for their second wash of the weekend!

I decided we should rather see a doctor - I phoned both Intercare and Medipark centres, but they could both only help us late afternoon.  Mia was all listless and really not looking good, so we decided to take her to Kloof's emergency rooms and wait for a doc there.  Thankfully the inlaws were visiting, and could stay and look after Ella for us!

The service at Kloof was really good and a doctor saw us within twenty minutes.  He examined Mia's abdomen and listened to her tummy and looked at her mouth.  He said it could possibly be an effect of the Augmentin antibiotics course we started on Wednesday, although not so much an allergic reaction to it, as the effect would have happened sooner, but just that the antibiotics that destroy all the good bacteria in the gut, agitated this virus to cause vomiting and upset tummy.  Her immune system was just really susceptible to this bug. Ai!

The doc said we could do one of two things, we give her some Rehidrate while there in the ER, in small doses every ten minutes and wait to see if she vomits again, if she does, she'll be admitted, if not, he can prescribe meds to take at home.  Other option, that she get admitted to hospital immediately to get hydration on a drip, as she was already busy getting dehydrated.  Obviously we chose to first give her fluids and see how it goes!  Thankfully, she kept it all in, after about 40 minutes of monitoring her, the doc sent us home with prescription for Zofer, and HydraChoice hydration sachets.

She did vomit again on Saturday night though, but then the medicine worked through-out the night, and on Sunday we made sure to give her the medicine at the correct intervals, and she was fine.  Her tummy has just been very gassy, not sure if it's from the medicine.  Finished the course of horrible antibiotics, have made a mental note to not give her Augmentin again in a hurry!!

I kept her home from school today to see how she is.  Luckily not vomiting, but her tummy is still a bit unsettled and gassy, and she didn't sleep well during the night, crying in her sleep and calling me a couple of times.  Poor body.

She's had a rough week, I do hope this is the turning point and that she'll be back to her happy healthy self again!


  1. How awful.

    Hope you feel better soon little pumpkin pie!

  2. Awww sucks when the littles are sick. Hope Mia feels herself again soon and that mommy also gets a rest in and feels better. :(

  3. Poor Mia. He has been having a rough time. I think you and Wyn must be stressed too. I hope everyone id back on the road to recovery.

  4. Liam is also allergic to Augmentim. Hope Mia Mooi feels better soon

  5. Poor girl! And it must have been distressing for you too! Young children are still developing their immune systems, so they might not be ready for some types of antibiotics right now. I hope she's recovering nicely, as we all want to see her happy and perky again in your blog posts. Cheers!

    Cathy Stewart @ The Good Health Practice\


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