Friday, July 4, 2014

No electricity, 10-week vaccs, and bulletproof coffee!

Goodness, what a week.

On Monday afternoon our electricity went off.  The substation where we get our power from was vandalised and set on fire.  It only came back on again during the early hours of Thursday morning.  Three nights of candlelit cold dinners and night feeds ain't fun!!

Luckily we could go to my sister's house to bath, we have a little gas stove to boil water, and on the second night Wyn borrowed his uncle's generator to keep our freezers frozen.  Gosh, it was really quite stressful, just silly things like not having instant hot water, being able to sterilise bottles, having the tv to entertain Mia, and keeping my phone in the car to charge from there.  Luckily clever Wyn set up some LED lights on a battery, which gave better light than candles. 

Mia enjoyed the first night of walking around with a torch, but the novelty quickly wore off!  I was terribly aware that I couldn't hear Mia if she called me - we rely very much on the sound monitor still, so I kept going to her room to check up on her - luckily she slept soundly!  Ella of course was blissfully unaware of any effect of having no electricity! ;-)

I have new appreciation since the power came back on - each time I boil the kettle or switch a light on I feel grateful!

On Wednesday I took Ella to the baby clinic for her 10 week vaccinations.  Lil star that she is, only cried for a short while.  She weighs 5.4kg, growing nicely! She really hasn't had any bad side effects from the vaccs, but poor body does have a sniffly nose again. I'm so over these winter bugs!

I've lost 2.3kg in 3 weeks.  Happy with the progress!  Haven't been to the gym since Monday morning as their electricity was also off, will hopefully make up for lost time this weekend.  Something that I feel is helping the weightloss, is that I have a bulletproof coffee in the morning, and then only eat around 11am.  The bulletproof coffee sounds very odd, but it's a nice creamy taste, I like it! 

I make my bulletproof coffee with one spoon of Jacobs coffee, one teaspoon of coconut oil, and a little less than one teaspoon of Kerrigold butter. I sometimes add a pinch of cinnamon or a pinch of cocoa powder. Fill the cup about halfway with boiling water so that it doesn't mess while I blend.  I blitz it with a little handheld milk frother until it's creamy and then top up with more water.  It's really a nice taste, although a little rich, I definitely wouldn't want more than one cup a day.  It doesn't give me a burst of energy like I've heard it should, but I definitely don't feel hungry until late morning!

Yay, it's weekend.


  1. It does make you greatful when something is taken away.
    I thought I was the only one listening in with a baby monitor. Liam is 5 and it's still on.
    Yay on the weightloss

  2. I used to live by that baby monitor and it was the best thing we ever bought...though now it is useless when the child is in your bed.
    I always wonder about sterilising when the power is off.
    Congrats on the weight loss. It is an achievement and great encouragement for you.

  3. So happy about your weight loss thus far, you go girl! I had bulletproof coffee again yesterday, and I must also admit it kept me full, but no extra energy... in fact I had a 2 hour snooze with Shae a mere half an hour after drinking it... hehe I guess the energy part does not count for exhausted new mommies :-p

    Aww Ella is such a trooper, glad the vacs went well and wow she is doing so great and growing so nicely!


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