Friday, August 15, 2014

Bit of a photo update!

 Mia had fun dressing up for Layla's birthday party recently.
Bottle time for little one.
I've started showing her picture books, she quite likes it!
Everything goes to the mouth now, too cute!
I giggled so much at this face she's pulling.  She looks so much like her pappa here!
Sisters reading and chilling together. ♥
Ella got a makeover. ;-)
Mia and her friend Milla at the Monte Casino Bird Gardens. Such a cute special friendship forming!
These sparkly eyes and rosy cheeks. Love.
Ouma Poppie came to visit for a day recently. We gave her a manicure!
Tummy time for blue-eyed beautiful tiny one!
And a huge thanks to my sister for designing my new blog header! Yay, absolutely love it and excited about a bit of a new look!


  1. Lovely family, thanks for sharing

  2. Thaks for the update, it is nice to see happy families. Mia is really turning into a proper girl, she is looking less like a baby, maybe it is the contrast to Ella.


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