Tuesday, August 5, 2014

This and that and everything!

Oh goodness, have really been neglecting my blog! I just literally, physically don't have the time. To give you an idea - I opened up this compose page at about 10am this morning to start a post, it's now after five in the afternoon...  Let me share a few random updates on us and see how far I get before my attention is needed elsewhere! ;-)

  • My 360XBT Challenge is going well.  We're into the third week now, and so far I'm 2.7kg down! Already feeling better about myself, not such a squashed sausage anymore! Still have 10kg to go to get to pre-preggy weight, but feeling more confident now that I will get there sooner rather than later.

  • I'm enjoying the eating plan - it follows lots of the principles of Paleo, no dairy, no white carbs, no sugar, no processed goods - but it includes oats, lentils, brown rice and such, which is wonderful! I'm learning about new things too, such as using miso to flavour foods, and to drink kombucha, amongst other things!  Really love veggies and doesn't feel like much extra work to do veggies for me and a starch for Wyn and Mia.

  • The exercises are really great, can do them either at the gym or at home.  I'm liking the versatility of kettlebells and amazed at discovering Tabata, absolutely no more excuses to not fit some form of workout in each and every day!  Think I'm getting addicted to doing squats, and even managing my first-ever burpees!

  • Mia has pink-eye.  We were at the doctor this morning, poor thing, it looks very irritated and inflamed, but luckily she says it's not sore. Got ointment to put in her and Ella's eyes, and drops for myself too.

  • Ella is 15 weeks old tomorrow, she's getting so big, I can't stop smooching her and our fave thing to do these days is to get her to laugh, such a beautiful sound!  Naps are a bit of a struggle, often she only catnaps for 20-30 minutes at a time, and by the afternoon she's overstimulated, overtired and super fussy and impossible to calm and get to sleep...

  • My dad paid some money into my account for me, Mia and Ella. Such a nice surprise. Thinking to put it towards some clothes for us all - next year's sizes for the two girlies, and as a reward when I lose my 10kg!

  • I'm so, so glad winter is almost over!

  • Wyn is enjoying his craft-beer brewing a lot, actually such a cool hobby for a guy to have. He does it really well and everyone is so impressed with his beer!

  • It's Mia's 4th birthday in just over 6 weeks' time, can't believe it, think I'm in denial! Seriously need to start some party-planning, absolutely no idea yet as to where, what, who, how, eeeeek!

  • My business needs a bit of a boost, winter is always a quiet time, but I really need to make a plan to get more feet in.

  • I did my first ever yoga class last week, and really enjoyed it.  The full-body stretching workout, as well as the visualisation, spiritual healing and positive affirmations that the instructor does was really enlightening and empowering.  Will definitely do that again.

  • Am feeling a strong urge to spring clean specific areas of the house that are so cluttered, but time just doesn't allow it at the moment...

  • I bought a box of hair colour to do DIY hair colour again. Never comes out the colour on the box, and never as nice as a salon treatment - but at 1/10th of the price of a salon treatment, I'm gonna do it myself! Once again - when time allows me to!

  • Today we had an earth tremor, it was quite scary to experience, goodness.
That's pretty much us in a nutshell - will do a photo update soon, and hopefully not be absent from the blog for such a long time again!


  1. Hi stranger, I checked into your blogged just yesterday wondering if I had missed something.
    It's amazing how you can wittle away a whole day and then wonder what you did.
    Good to hear the exercise and diet is working well. Always nice when your clothes slip on a bit easier.
    Have a good one

    1. Thanks that you pop in every so often, appreciate it so much!

  2. So glad to see things are working out for you. It always makes us feel better to know we are getting closer to our goals.
    Good Luck!

    1. Thanks for luck wishes, appreciate! Yip, goals within reach, feels good!

  3. Wow what an update! Don't even know on what to comment first :) So happy you found your groove in the weight-loss department. Enjoy the rest of the challenge!
    Oh poor Mia, hoppy her eye feels better already. Can't believe Ella is 15 weeks and Shae 10 already...they grow at rapid pace.
    Whoop whoop for shopping money :-D

    1. Thanks Debs, really enjoying this challenge - and to make it a lifestyle thereafter, learning good habits, they must stick!
      These babas are growing way too fast.


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