Monday, April 20, 2015

Ella's last baby update!

1. How old today:  11 months and 4 weeks

2. Current weight & length:  Will find out for sure when we do her vaccination next week, but guessing she's around 10.5kg.

3. Recent milestone reached:  She loves standing up against furniture and walking along like that.  Seventh tooth is through.

4. Next milestone:  More words, more teeth. Walking. Sleeping through the night.

5. How is baby sleeping at night?  At the moment she's sleeping a bit better, thankfully, as I'm giving her Allergex to help clear her nose.  But it's still up and down though!

6. Day naps?  She has a morning nap and an afternoon nap. They differ in length... her awake time is around 3 hours between naps.

7. How is feeding going? She has 3 milk bottles of 150ml each, and she eats breakfast, lunch and supper, with biscuits or fruit in between for snacks.  She eats really well, no baby food at all any more, except the pureed fruits as a snack sometimes.

8. Feeding times?  Not really set times, it's according to her nap and wake-up times...

9. What has been the recent baby highs? The way she's starting to interact with us, giving hugs and kisses.

10. And baby lows? I sure would love some more sleep at night...  Also, separation anxiety makes her very clingy sometimes.  She's had a snotty nose on and off for a few weeks now.

11. How is the rest of the family doing?  Good! Hubby's working hard, but he helps so much with the evening bath and bedtime routine, and weekends are great to all be together. Mia's a very good big sister, adjusted well and she's happy.

12. What has been working best recently, baby-related?  Having different "play-stations" set up all over the house.  Ella gets bored quickly. So we play in the lounge, then we move to my room and she plays there, then we go to her room and we read books, play with stacking cups and blocks, then we go sit outside, etc etc.


  1. Busy little bee. Glad she seems to be sleeping a bit better. I remember Liam also had Allecet in his evening bottle to help with the blocked nose.
    Yoh, I forgot how quickly they get bored and how hard it is to entertain them
    7 toofies already ! Wow girly

    1. She really is a busy little bee!
      Thanks for reading!


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