Thursday, April 16, 2015

Party planning!

Ella turns one next week!

Her birthday is on Thursday, so we'll have a special day together - I'm busy convincing hubby to take the day off.

Then on Saturday, we're having a small birthday party for her.  The theme is just "number 1" and the colour scheme is pink and gold.  We're having the party here at home, in the garden - hold thumbs for nice weather!

I'm enjoying planning this, makes it easier to handle the twinge of sadness I feel that my baby turned into a toddler so quickly!

Her beautiful invitation was designed by a friend of mine, Kelly, who has a design business, Envelope.


  1. Oh wow ek LOVE die invitation! Dis so pretty - pienk en goud is my fave kleure en ek love om dit ook met swart te mix vir dekor maar die pienk en goud lyk mooi vir partytjie hou xo

    Dressed in the City ♥♥♥

  2. Ahhhh I didn't get an invite :P although I have the nagging feeling I have something else on that day...

    What a beautiful beautiful theme, I am sure Miss Ella will have a blast. Your baby is turning 1!! Holy moly!!!

  3. No way ! One already ! She'll be a spoilt little princess on her special day I bet

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