Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A visit to the homeopath

I took both girls for a consultation at a homeopath two weeks ago.  We have literally been struggling with their sinuses now, non-stop, for two months. It's crazy. We've been to a GP and to the paed, so I wanted to try something different.  Here's a nice link with more info on homeopathy.

It's the first time I ever try the homeopathy route.  I've always had an interest in alternative therapies, but at the same time, a lil bit sceptical and unsure.

The consultation was super interesting. He used electro-dermal acupuncture point measurement - where the patient holds on end of an electrode, and he uses another electrode on acupressure points to find imbalances, and he could even pinpoint allergies using this method! Not painful at all, literally just holding onto an electrode, and he used acupressure points in hands, feet and face. It was a bit tricky getting Ella to hold the electrode all the time, but we managed!

Both girls he picked up sinus, allergies, bladder imbalance (prone to bladder infection) lymph imbalance (due to infection in body) and bronchi imbalance (not lungs specifically, but bronchi inside the lungs - associated then with sinus and allergies.

When he tested the allergies, it was super interesting how he could pinpoint specific allergens.  For Mia, it was Marmite and Bovril, artificial sweeteners, and sorghum (like Maltabella porridge.)  For Ella it was instant coffee (haha!) and bananas.  Really bummed to hear this, as Mia eats Marmite every day on her sandwiches to school, and Ella loves bananas, it's such a great fruit to fill her up with if she doesn't eat enough at a mealtime.

The homeopath then mixed them each their own personalised drops of homeopathic medicine, of which for the first 4 days they had to have 10 drops every two hours, and thereafter 10 drops three times a day.  It was difficult for me to stick to the two-hour interval one, didn't quite manage that!!

Now, two weeks later, unfortunately, both girls are still unwell.  Ella cleared up for about a week after the homeopath visit, but started with a snotty nose and bit of a cough again this weekend.  And Mia, well, unfortunately, she just hasn't gotten better. She coughs coughs coughs terribly, especially at night. Like 5 nights per week, for the last two months, I've needed to get up and assist her, either giving Pholtex syrup to try and suppress the cough (doesn't always help), give her a drink of water, rub some Vicks on her, elevate her pillow, etc etc.

I'm feeling quite at my wits end!
I've decided to do an experiment on Mia, and not give her any dairy for a couple of days and see if that doesn't help the coughing...  even tho the homeopath didn't pick up a dairy allergy, it's one of the most common triggers of sinus, so let's give it a shot, before we use more money on doctors...

I was very keen to make appointments for myself and Wyn at the homeopath too, to also get tested for allergies, but will postpone that for now. Unfortunately, homeopathy wasn't the big miracle cure I was hoping for to get my two girlies healthy!

My bathroom counter looks like a pharmacy...
It's terrible when they're sick, I feel so sorry for them. Argh!


  1. Jess, so sorry to hear that you are struggling. We have a brilliant ped her in Krugersdorp. He does not treat symptoms but rather look for a cause and treat the cause.
    Hayley is allergic to winter grass :-( but we give her Allecet once a day for allergies and her cough and runny nose clears within a day or two. Whatsapp me if you want his details. He does everything in his rooms and we've been taking Hayley there since he managed to be the only doctor to sort out her wheezing chest as a baby, after taking her two different gps and peds with no results

    1. Hi Chantal, sjoe, jul is so gelukkig dat jul so goeie dokter gevind het!! Ek sal jou laat weet as ek dink dis ons volgende stap. Ai tog @ winter gras!
      Dankie vir die inloer, waardeer dit!


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